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    25-06 Ackley Loads using 115 Berger VLD

    Out of a 26" barreled Cooper using Lapua 30-06 cases (70.5grs H2O after Fireformed), Berger 115gr VLD's, 57.2grs Reloader 22 gets 3330fps, and sits at a node of 1.194ms. I worked this load up from 52grs and suggest it to be a good place to start.
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    US Optics $2500 Rifle Scope Give Away Contest

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    The .25-06 and .25-06 Improved By J.C. Munnell

    Great read! I have a Cooper M52 factory chambered in 25-06AI and have experimented a great deal with the heavier high BC bullets like the Berger 115gr VLD, and some custom offerings. The Berger flies great out of my rifle at 3330-3350fps and has some impressive drop charts. Nosler 115gr Btips...
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    Nikon Monarch Binocular Give Away From Cameraland

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    6.5/06 AI--130Berger---.100 off lands

    Although not the same, I have a 25-06 AI that shoots Berger, and other VLD's .050 off the lands. I followed Optimizing Precision And Accuracy From VLD Bullets and tested at +10, -10, -50, -90, -130. It surprised me a lot but true to the article the VLD's can shoot when off the lands.
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    25-06 ackley

    I've been shooting a 25-06AI with a 26" barrel extensively in the last year with various powders and heavier bullets. I wanted to stay with the high BC stuff which means the Berger 115gr VLD, or custom made 115gr's, and 125gr bullets. So far with all bullets in the 115gr range have shot...
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    Vortex Recon 10x50 R/T Spotting Scope Give Away Contest From Cameraland

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    Vangaurd 257WBY won't shoot - options?

    I know the 115 Bergers can be jumped and be very accurate. I started 10 into the rifling, 10 off, 50 off, 90, 130.. and tested for best groups. Found my cooper in 25-06AI would shoot best at 50 off, then worked on a ladder test with that seating depth, this worked out well and I have a load...
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    Swarovski Riflescope - $2,000 Give Away Contest From Cameraland

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    Large Rifle/ LG Magnum Primers?

    I have hunted with both Magnum primers, and non-magnum primers in a 300 Winchester Magnum and Reloader22 in temps below -30c (-22f) without problems. I've always used what ever primer gave the best groups for the load I was using. Now if I was using 70+ grains of a ball powder in that cold of...
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    25-06 rem ackley improved

    The benefits are: - You can fire regular store bought 25-06 Rem ammo in your 25-06AI chambered firearm (the fired case will be stretched to 25-06AI size.) - Once the case is blow out from 25-06 to 25-06AI you can then increase the amount of powder used in the case which will increase...
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    .25-06 Ackley Improved Ladder Test.

    Finely had some time to test the .25-06 AI Cooper Excaliber with 26" Barrel. Your opinions are wanted in helping determine a good OCW load. Ladder Test. Components: - 115 Grain Bergers (.05 off lands), - Lapua 30-06 Fire formed brass, - CCI BR2 Primers, - Reloader 22, and - IMR 7828sc...
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    25-06AI from '06 Brass

    You will have no problems with Lapua 30-06 brass sized in a FL 25-06 die if you use a good lube like imperial sizing wax. I just was at the range today fire forming and testing loads for a Cooper 25-06AI with a 26in barrel. I've done a full box (100) of Lapua 30-06 to 25-06AI to date with out...