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    Leupold Reticle change

    Guys, I have Leupold # 54680-Vari X III L.R. Tactical 6.5-20 X 50 M1 knobs standard Mildot. When I first got it I zero'd in at 100 yards on 10X. I then dialed it in to 20X, shot a group of 3. My impact shifted a 1/2" I called and spoke to Chris @ Premier. He stated that it's a common thing that...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED I.S.O. Stealth .308 barrel

    Anyone have or know where to get a new/used one? I have called a few of the custom gun shops for take-offs with no luck. Thanks for looking, RedMan*
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    Shawn C., Email sent. Thanks, RedMan*
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    SOLD/EXPIRED MCMILLAN A3 700 bdl stock long

    FWIW I posted this over on: for ya. Later, RedMan*
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Guns For Sale

    C.J. is about one of the best people I have purchased from. Rest assured. RedMan*
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    SOLD/EXPIRED F/S McMillan Bench Rest Stock. (Sold P.F.)

    Sold Pending Funds. Thanks Keith. RedMan*
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    SOLD/EXPIRED F/S McMillan Bench Rest Stock. (Sold P.F.)

    BTT with lower price. RedMan*
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    Here's mine, where is yours?

    Re: Here\'s mine, where is yours? C.J., you don't have a thing for tactical rifles at all do ya? Here is my latest toy. Later, RedMan* [ 03-11-2004: Message edited by: RedMan* ]
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    SOLD/EXPIRED F/S McMillan Bench Rest Stock. (Sold P.F.)

    For Sale: McMillan Benchrest Stock, Hunter Class. Fully inlet for Remington Short Action, Right hand, ADL. Molded in Black Swirl, very nice pattern. Brand new, never used, project didn't happen. $300 delivered in the lower 48. PO MO preferred. Thanks for looking, RedMan* [...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED starlight cases

    Jared, thankyou for the kind offer. Just as a heads up some of the Sams Club has been selling them for $50. At there has been lots of discussion on this. I need to check their web site to see what they are selling for there. Thanks, RedMan*
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    SOLD/EXPIRED H-S Precision floor plate and extra clips

    E-mail was sent, still waiting for your reply. RedMan*
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    E-mail also sent with this info: Please post model #. Thanks, RedMan* Edited to add: your E-mail address kicked it back to me?? [ 01-25-2004: Message edited by: RedMan* ]
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    SOLD/EXPIRED FS Leupold M-1 illuminated mil-dot

    Jim, I sent you an E-mail quite along time ago inquiring if you would put this scope on your LTR. Are you or would you consider doing that and what would the price be? Thanks, RedMan*
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTS: Custom Pistols/Rifles

    SCL, very cool. I was wondering what, or who do you know, that I definately don't want to know. Are either on of the HTR's a repeater with HS's detachable mag? Or are they both single feed? Thanks, RedMan* [ 12-22-2003: Message edited by: RedMan* ]
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTS: Custom Pistols/Rifles

    You are bullshitting us about your location I hope? RedMan*

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