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    Idaho Muley

    Congrats, that's a beautiful buck. And yes 50 yards is pretty much adrenaline. Short of a spine shot that's to be expected. Thanks for sharing.
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    Advice on new scope purchase

    VX5HD and don't look back. I was thoroughly impressed with mine after being a VX3 guy. Night & day difference.
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    Powder Valley

    I agree. I just placed my first order with them and will definitely support them in the future. Thank you PV. We're all struggling just to be able to enjoy our shooting sports.
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    Which 30 cal?

    I went to the 30 Nosler last year and so far absolutely love this round.
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    Good deal alert RCBS Rockchucker

    What did you see ? Was there a link ?
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    Precision Micrometer die sets - your recommendations

    +1 On the Redding. Can't beat em.
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    Trigger Tech vs Timney Trigger

    Non scientifically I would agree. I think my Jewell to TT is what TT is to Timney. I love both those top 2 but I've had problems with Timney's.
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    Side Arm for Grizzly Country

    I just google'd it after reading you're post. I don't mean to speak ill of the deceased but yes, this guy was special. WOW.. Going to have to find this movie.
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    Side Arm for Grizzly Country

    That's sad. I might have to research that incident.
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    Side Arm for Grizzly Country

    I wouldn't say clueless. The sow that charged me was about 60 yds. out when she busted from cover. But I also knew she was coming, just didn't know from which direction. I could have got 4 rounds off. If I'd have had a backup, which I didnt.. The above comment was pretty much talking about the...
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    $1200 budget, what would you buy?

    This is how we learn which rigs we like. Trial and error. What fits, what doesn't.
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    $1200 budget, what would you buy?

    I like the Rem 700 mtn rifles. Very light and handy. I have 3, 25-06, 270, and 280. All three will shoot right at 1/2 moa once you find their load. That's also why I like the CA Mesa for the price.
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    $1200 budget, what would you buy?

    I agree with Backcountry. Go with a Christensen Arms Mesa or the Browning. Both very nice, light, outstanding triggers right out of the box. And sorry I know it doesn't have all the new glamour but the 25-06 is a very capable and fun round to play with.
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    Side Arm for Grizzly Country

    I'm not a Springfield fan by any means. I've owned 1, an old 1911. Sold it 40 years ago and never went back. But I have to say I absolutely love this XDM.