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    AR-10 accuracy?

    How did your new barrel shoot?
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    Your Next Rifle Will Be In Which Cartridge

    Dasher is done and awesome. Now to build a big boy in 300PRC
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    Loaning a suppressor on private property?

    I didn’t read the whole thread but remember DNR etc don’t need a warrant to enter your property/land.
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    New Wisconsin Long Range Shooting Facility

    I find it interesting the OP hasn’t responded. This is clearly a dead idea and link. Sadly.
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    The 'High Shoulder' shot of dreams

    I agree on the fact that I will always consider shot placement with conditions and what the animal will give me. Depending on angle of the shot etc. I always prefer a double lung whether that is with a bow or firearm. But and it's a big but, I might be in a tree stand or a ground blind...
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    AR 15 pistol 300 BO no good

    I went quickly through this as it got off topic a bunch but was this with full power loads or subsonics?
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    Absolutely Disgusting

    Agreed. I said as much at the beginning that I have. I also said what I have not. I only take shots I know I can make and as of yet I have never lost a deer, bear, or elk. Pot stirring will not change the fact it was a horrible shot.
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    Absolutely Disgusting

    Have I ever lost a squirrel, duck or turkey in my lifetime? Of Course. As a boy of 12 I once chopped down a old dead tree about 2 feet in diam with an ax to get a squirrel I had made a poor shot on in northern Wis. using a pellet gun(old Crossman 110 pump action, scoped I might add)as a way of...
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    New Wisconsin Long Range Shooting Facility

    Fantastic. I used to live up in the Minocqua area when in high school but haven't lived in the state since UW-Milwaukee in 98. Army from 87-2016. Going to be back in the Milwaukee area by July. Currently running 308, 6 Dasher and a 223 DMR all corked out to 1000-1500 here in Colorado...
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    New Wisconsin Long Range Shooting Facility

    What is the status of this and others interest in long range shooting? I am moving back to the area and would love to find like minded shooters in the area. Paul
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    OMG Rabbits

    Those look like dogs!!!
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    New cerakote job

    That is one nice looking three color stick!!!!!
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    Your Next Rifle Will Be In Which Cartridge

    None of the above. 6 Dasher for me.
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    Trigger AR polish or any improvement

    Go to a VERY high grit I used above 10000 for mine. along with the spring kit From JP enterprises for a low budget easy to do trigger job. I own multiple AR platforms and this is the only one not sporting a Timney. Pulls at 3.5 lbs. Not as crisp as a Timney or other high dollar trigger kit...
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    Backpack size

    This. It all depends on the conditions and how many people are going for me as gear can then be distributed somewhat. But as it gets colder my weight also goes up.