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    Want To Buy Barnes lrx

    Yes all that’s there is 208’s
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    Want To Buy Barnes lrx

    30 cal 175’s lrx would like just a box.
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    Washington vs Alaska fishing charter

    Fished both spots you mentione, I live in Washington and would still rather go to Alaska
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    30-378 weatherby swift scirocco

    Apologies 180 grain
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    30-378 weatherby swift scirocco

    Anybody have a good load for these two? Powders on hand rl 22, 23,25. H1000, imr8133, imr 7828 , retumbo . Gun weatherby mark v
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    300 Weatherby vs 30 Nosler. Factory velocities measure up?

    Group shot last weekend outta my mark v with a krieger barrel,nosler brass 200 grain partition seconds 81 grain of imr 7828. Best this gun has ever shot. Measures .346 at 100
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    2022 Winter Nilgai Hunt

    Father in law took his 338 winnie, they are extremely tough. His bull took 3 to the boiler room before going down.
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    Washington state ewe permit

    Well the better drew a chelan butte ewe permit. 1 of 3 permits , she is extremely happy . I have never hunted sheep before, should be an interesting fall.
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    338 rum 300 grain accubond

    Anyone try imr 8133 yet for this comb?
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    Sportsman's Warehouse to sell to BPS!

    The good thing is if your looking for sunglasse, kids toys and $15 worth of cheesey poofs that’s the place to go. The cabelas near me is like a sunglasses hut/ toys r us. Sad
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    The new 264 speakeths

    Very well done. Really neat to watch, congratulations
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    28 nosler

    Looking for a left hand 28 nosler. Looking for a Browning, Tall order I know.Thanks
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Nosler 338 RUM Brass (New and 1x Fired)

    Pm in bound I will take it
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    300 WM: 200gr Nosler AB Load?