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    223 65gr Sierra Game King

    My favorite bullet for deer in a .22 Cal. Just plain works.
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    David Tubb's Final Finish System

    I've used it a few times mostly on custom 10/22s that I have built and it was always an improvement.
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    7mm LRM Dies, Brass and Gauges

    I am posting this for a friend. He doesn't have internet access. He has a brand new set of Hornady Custom Dies, 50 pieces of new Hornady brass and a brand new set of PTG go no go gauges. Located in Arizona and looking to sell the entire lot. He's asking $225 shipped. You can contact him directly...
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    Serria Matchking

    The 69gr Match King works great. My results mirror that of Lances.
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    17 Remington 25gr Berger

    I just picked up a .17 Remington myself, an early 90's model 700. The only bullets I could find were the 20gr Vmaxes. I tried Varget, and H4895 with fairly lack luster results. Picked up a can of CFE223 and it was like flicking a switch. The rifle went from 2" groups to about 3/4" with just...
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    .250 Savage, a long venerable history but ... ?

    Ah the .250 Savage. I own three of these. One Savage 99 and two Savage model 10s that I have customized with aftermarket barrels and stocks. I love this little cartridge, it will do anything you want it to and then some. I have a safe full of rifles and one of the 250s is about the only thing I...
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    Rem 700 Triggers

    I have a drawer full of Remington 700 take off triggers. I have a couple old style used of course and I have a bunch of the new Mark X triggers that are new take offs. Asking $40 each shipped to the lower 48.
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    Remington 788 Stock

    Stock is sold and no it will not fit a .243.
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    Remington 788 Stock

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    Remington 788 Stock

    I have a brand new in the box featherweight thumbhole stock in forest camo for a Remington 788 short action. This stock will not fit a .308 Win This stock has a screw spacing of 6.75" and will fit models chambered in .222, .223, and .22-250. Please check your screw spacing before saying you...
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    Calling 24” 6.5 Creed Guys

    I have done a bunch of 24" Creedmoors. Most seem to like 41-42gr of H4350 with velocities from 2740-2840 depending on the barrel and what bullet used. 47-48 grains of R26 will give velocities well into 2900 plus. R16 also gives good velocity and groups. The same 41-42gr of R16 will get about...
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    WTS: .280 Ackley Reamer

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    WTS: .280 Ackley Reamer

    Whatever SAAMI spec is.
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    WTS: .280 Ackley Reamer

    I have for sale a PTG .280 Ackley Reamer. (SAAMI Spec) and Clymer Go Gauge. Reamer has cut one chamber. $165 shipped. Or willing to trade for a reamer I don't have. Let me know what you got.
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    6.5-284 or 6.5 Creedmoor

    .260 Ackley Improved. Best of both worlds. Same performance of the 6.5-284 and will still work out of a short action just fine. A 140 Berger over some new R26 will give some impressive velocities and incredible accuracy. You could kill anything you want to out as far as you want to and it's...