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    Empty AR15 receiver...What upper should I buy or build for a 300 yard deer AR?

    I guess I'm too late for the Bluejay, but for the rest of you following this thread, go to Mad Dog Weapons Systems. He has a host of higher velocity ARs, with cases that are not that difficult to form. I have the 7mm Valkyrie, consistently shooting groups less than MOA. My current hunting...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 30-06 brass

    I have 200, once fired. military brass in their original military boxes. Also, close to 300 Rem and Win, once fired brass, mostly in boxes. I can also pack them in an ammo can.
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    Flatest shooting AR cal.??

    338 Lapua from Noreen
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    Seating depth changes after seating a bullet?

    My loading procedure is to weigh each charge. Then I seat the powder funnel on the case, pinch the case and powder funnel with my index finger and thumb, tilt the case enough that the primer doesn't touch the bench, and rapidly tap the case on the bench as I slowly pour the powder in the case...
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    308 win AR platform reloading question

    You will find that the magazine is the limiting factor for COAL. I have yet to find a mag that will let me load a round long enough to come close to the lands, unless I use a round nose bullet. Some things that will help are to use ball powders, cup and core bullets, and rout the magazine. If...
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    Help Choosing A Precision AR Caliber

    If you handload, another option would be to go to He has a large variety of calibers for the AR. He only sells the bbl, bolt and dies for each caliber. You get to choose the type of rifle you want - a side charge receiever, smooth sided, colors, etc. I have one of his in...
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    Help Choosing A Precision AR Caliber

    I have a Precision Firearms 6.5 Grendel that shoots .3" groups. Mine has a bull bbl, but they also offer a lighter wt bbl that is guarateed to shoot .5" groups. My bullet is a Nosler 120 gr BT. I buy them from Shooters pro shop, and they run about $15 for blems. There's nothing wrong with...
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    Deer farts?

    I don't get the bad farts from dressing wild game, but when I go down to Yellowstone Park, or any hot spring resort that has a strong sulphur smell, the next day my farts will smell just like sulphur. So I would have to say that when you inhale the bad gas, it goes directly to your lungs, and...
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    Varying POI- Posture Question

    Get a piece of scrap carpet, or a carpet sample, and put it on your shooting bench. Something wth a sticky backing is best. When you go to shoot, put a load on your rifle. That is, to lean forward enough to take the slop out of the bipod, but not enough to make the carpet skid on the...
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    Glock 10mm bear loads

    Glock and H & K, and some others use polygonal rifling. this is why they advise against using lead bullets. Unfortunately, I don't know the "why" behind it.
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    Handloading: How Many ?

    Where are you getting the WSSM brass? I have a 7 WSSM upper that I don't shoot much because of the scarcity of brass. I could even be talked into selling it, because there's not that much of an advantage over the 7 Valkyrie.
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    Handloading: How Many ?

    Ooops, hit the wrong button. To continue: Bolt action - 6 One was a benchrest rifle initially chambered in a cartridge I designed, and the gunsmith labelled it 7mm Stirner. Very similar to a long 7mm Valkyrie, or a short 7/08 AI. I recently rechambered it to 7mm/6.5x47. The other is...
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    Handloading: How Many ?

    Here's the current list: Revolver - 3 Pistol - 3 A/R - 4 One is a 7mm Valkyrie The other is a 7mm WSSM
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    Camp food ideas?

    Not sure where you're coming from, but elk are in a high and dry environment. Most people are not in shape to wander the mountains all day long, nor the dry air. You will need lots of liquids and carbs. Stews and soups with plenty of potatos or pasta will perk you up at the end of the day...
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    Savage Mdl 16SS - 270 WSM

    24" bbl. Accu trigger. Leupold VXIII 2.5-8x36mm, brushed aluminum. Includes Hornady FL die set w/shell holder, 134 ea Barnes 140 gr TSX bullets, 36 ea Barnes 129 gr LRX BT bullets, 83 pieces of brass, 87 loaded rounds w/ 140 gr Barnes. Also included is historical load data, and Savage manual...