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    SOLD/EXPIRED Harrell's premium Culver powder measure

    Listed is a Harrell's premium Culver powder measure with 3 extra bottles. Good condition. Asking 160.00
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Redding BR-30 match

    Listed is a Redding BR-30 match powder measure . good condition. Lifetime warranty. Asking 75.00 each
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Redding BR-30 competition

    Listed is a Redding BR-30 competition powder measure. In good condition. Lifetime warranty. Asking 100.00 each
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Hawkeye gradient borescope kit with case

    Listed is a Hawkeye gradient borescope kit 17" shooters edition with case. Good condition Asking 425.00
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    SOLD/EXPIRED McMiliian 700 BDL black stock

    Listed is a McMillian 700 BDL Short action pillar bedded black stock. It does have the front swivel stud broke off in the stock. The front of the recoil lug measures 1.244 The end of forearm measures 0.891 Asking 325.00
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Choate ultimate varmint stock

    Listed is a choate ultimate varmint stock Remington short action. In good condition. Asking 150.00
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    SOLD/EXPIRED McMillian thumbhole blue and white marbled stock

    Listed is a McMillian thumbhole molded-in marble med blue and white. RH S700 single shot REM ADL 13.5 LOP 2" stainless steel studs. In good condition. Asking 500.00
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Karl kahles helia s scope

    Listed is a Karl kahles helia s scope. 3x12x56 30mm tube. Fine cross hairs with three heavy posts. In good condition. Asking 700.00
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Zeiss conquest scope

    Listed is a Zeiss conquest scope. 3x12x56mc. It does have some scratches and slight ring marks. Asking 575.00