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    Which countries are our members living in?

    Also very close to Inverness in Scotland. I met Derek for the 1st time a couple of weeks ago while shooting my 22-250 at 500 yds target. We are both members of the Cawdor Full Bore Rifle Club. Also discovered that he teaches my step-son at school.
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    What Gun & Scope would you get?

    Dob, There is no restriction on the calibre of rifle you can own in Scotland, PROVIDING you can show a good reason for requiring it. For hunting Deer, there are many calibres you can choose from. If you were shooting mostly Reds then a 308W or 270W would be very suitable. If only Roe, then a...
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    .280AI vs. 30.06

    I use RWS brass in my 280. High quality brass is available for the 280, but it is made in Europe. I was recently given several hundred once-fired Sako 270 cases. I necked up a sample of them & fireformed with a bullet seated into the lands. They came out perfect. Another option would be to form...
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    High BC .224 cal. bullets

    Good morning list mates. A friend of mine wants to have a 22-243 made for shooting Roe Deer & Foxes here in Scotland. We have noticed that Hornady lists the max. velocity for the 75 g A-max from a 1 in 9" barrel at 2800 fps & that is the bullet he was planning on using. If this is so then that...
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    280 Rem.

    Hi Guys, I'm new to this board & must say I'm impressed. I have a custom 280 Rem. based on a fully blueprinted 700 action with a 26" 1 in 9 twist varmint profile SS Shilen barrel, MacMillan stock & Jewell varmint trigger. As well as Deer hunting I also use the rifle for F class target shooting...

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