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    Muzzle Brake Inaccuracy

    Gunsmiths. Is there any way that a muzzle brake could be improperly installed and cause accuracy issues. What could be the causes?
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    Accubond LR rant!

    I have a bunch of Nosler ABLR for sale in 30 cal and 7mm. They are terrible. Waste of time.
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    Help On X Maps Hunt to Google Earth

    I bought the chip for my Garmin GPSmap 60Csx and I have the Colorado hunting areas on my GPS, but I am trying to figure out how to transfer that over to Google Maps so I can see the areas better and plan my hunt marking way points and so forth for the areas I want to hunt in. How do I get the On...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Remington Sendero for Sale 300wm & 7mm Rem Mag

    PM replied to and I will return voicemail in morning. Thank you
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Remington Sendero for Sale 300wm & 7mm Rem Mag

    I have a factory new in box 300wm and 7mm Rem Mag for sale if anyone is looking. PM me or give me a call 979-484-7080. $1,175 local (Katy Tx) or $25 shipped.
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    6.5x284 Issues! Help!

    140 gr hunting vld I have them just barley off lands. Shoots clovers at 100 and about 14" group at 700. Makes no since. 0 wind
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    6.5x284 Issues! Help!

    I have a savage weather warrior that I worked up a load for that shoots clovers at 100 yards. Literally about .25 MOA. Throws darts at 200 yards. When I walk it out to 500, 700, 800 my groupings are all over the place. Zero wind. It's crazy! Can't understand how it can group good at close range...
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    looking for lr school

    RANGER Long Range Shooting School in Texas in Columbus, TX
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    G7 BC for federal premium 300 wm 180 gr tb

    Any one out there have the G7 BC for federal premium 300 wm 180 gr trophy bonded? Or any other .308 cal 180gr?
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    solid copper bullet performance

    Awesome information. Thank you! I have read Bryan Litz's book cover to cover. He was really down on Barnes because of sectional density and grooves. I have shot them and they perform really well as far as accuracy, but not sure on terminal balistics long range.