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    My first long range gun

    I’ve taken the level 1 class twice. Will probably take it a 3rd time when my wife takes it. I live about 45 mins away from the place. I love it
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    My first long range gun

    My first long range custom Barbour Creek rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor with a Terminus action, Benchmark barrel and McMillan Artemis stock. A Nightforce scope and TriggerTech trigger. Also a pic of first 1100 yard group with factory Hornady ammo. The orange dot is 2” diameter.
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    Berger Bullets

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    Berger Bullets

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    Berger Bullets

    Looking for Berger 6.5 (264) 135 gr Classic Hunters
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    New member from AL

    Welcome neighbor
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Hornady 22-250 die set

    PM sent for 7mm-08 and 7mm Rem Mag.
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    Alaska Guide Creations Classic HBS

    I’ll take this
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    Seekins and Vortex Rings

    PM sent
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    Whitetail POI...... What’s your intended Target?

    Straight up the leg, middle of the body. Biggest room for error and always drop right there butt first.
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    Berger 210 30 caliber Bullets

    7mm bullets
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    Berger 210 30 caliber Bullets

    I’ll take the Bergers
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    Nightforce Zeroset and Zerostop

    I went thru a longrange school twice in the last month. Their school guns had SHVs on them and they had ZEROSTOP turrets. I have bought two SHVs and they only come in ZEROSET. Is there a way to make ZEROSET into ZEROSTOP?
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    RCBS Rebel kit in stock at mid south

    I bought one today
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    SOLD/EXPIRED No longer active

    Prices? I’m interested in the Hornady 7 rem mag