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    Long range boars

    Here's a few pics of a some boars I shot recently in the NT,Australia. A few were shot at extreme using my Winchester model 70 270WSM using 140gn Nosler accubonds. The largest boar (hanging up) weight 110kg (242lbs)
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    .270 velocity variations

    I think you will find Retumbo is too slow burning to be an effective performer in the 270. Shot to shot variations in velocity can often attributed to certain powders in certain cartridges. Years ago I tested RE22 with 100gn bullets in my 243 and velocity varied by as much as 120fps. When I...
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    .308 Powder Choice

    W748 and H4895 also perform well in the 308.
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    Can Yankys hunt Australia?

    The best bet would be use the services of a guide. Water buffalo is what most yanks come to Aus to hunt,and there are plenty of outfitters capable of putting you onto a good animal....just bring a 375H&H. As for cruising around hunting at your leisure,thats not really an option because most...
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    Sierra & Speer manual, data needed

    Speer manual #14 .260 Rem test barrel is 24" Remington 700 No twist rate given. Highest velocity with a 140gn Spitzer SP 45.5gns RE 19...........2731fps 44.0gns IMR 4831.....2722fps 46.0gns RE22............2701fps
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    I use a Competition Electronics Pro Chrono Plus,it performs well and is relatively inexpensive.
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    .280 loading help

    Of the 5-6 powders tested during load developement for my Ruger M77 .280 RE19 gave the highest velocity with 140gn Accubonds. Like many here I use 57gns of RE19 with 140gn pills. It shoots like hell and kills like lightning.
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    Soot on case necks

    Are you using Nickel cases ?
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    Recent Hog Hunting In QLD. Aust

    Nice work fellas. Looking at the landscape your a long way out west ?