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    7mm Rem Mag brass

    Up for grabs is once fired, decapped and stainless stell tumbled 7mm Rem Mag brass. Multiple headstamps, mix of FC, Hornady, R-P, Winchester and PPU. Total of 226 pieces. Asking price is $100 shipped via USPS flat rate. Payment via USPS Money Order, Venmo, or Paypal F&F.
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    7mm Rem Mag brass

    73 pieces of 7 rem meg brass for sale. Mostly W-W and FC brass with a few R-P and PPU in there. All decapped and ss tumbled. Asking price is $30 shipped to your door.
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    30-06 Brass

    I have roughly 500 pieces of mixed 30-06 brass. Brass has been decapped and ss tumbled. Bad cases have been culled and scrapped. They are not sized or trimmed. Asking price is $100 shipped to your door. Posted elsewhere and sold to first "I'll take it" or PM timestamp. Will ship USPS flat rate...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 375 Cheytac brass

    I have 20 pieces of once fired Jamison 408 Cheytac brass necked down to 375. They will ship via USPS flat rate box and sold to first "I'll take it" or PM timestamp. Posted on multiple forums. Payment via USPS money order. Price is SOLD
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 270wsm & 300wsm brass

    I have the following brass available. Prices are posted below and will be sold to the first "I'll take it" or PM timestamp. Posted elsewhere as well. Will ship via USPS flat rate boxes. 270wsm brass = $25 shipped x22 New Winchester x20 Once fired Winchester 300wsm brass = $75 shipped...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 270 Winchester brass

    I have 159 pieces of once fired 270 Winchester brass with Winchester headstamps. Asking price is $45 shipped to your door. Posted elsewhere and sold to first I'll take it or PM timestamp. Payment via Paypal or USPS money order.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 7mm Dakota Brass

    bump with price drop. Lets get these sold!!
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 7mm Dakota Brass

    I have 126 pieces of once fired 7 Dakota brass as well as 45 pieces of new brass. All sold together. I am stainless steel tumbling all the brass and will have them separated between once fired and new when shipped. Asking price is $250 shipped to your door. Posted elsewhere and sold to first...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Redding Comp 243 Win Dies, Hornady Bullets, & Bushings

    I have a few items sitting on my reloading desk that aren't being used. I have a set of the Redding Competition Seating and Neck Sizing dies, a Hornady 243win modified case and Redding .272 & .273 steel bushings. Bushings are new, modified case has been used once and the dies have been used for...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED RD Precision MRAD Muzzle Break 6.5mm

    I recently bought a AIAE 6.5 Creedmoor with a RD Precision MRAD muzzle brake. The OD measures .960" while the ID measures .290". Threaded 5/8-24 tpi. Only used for 20 round of PRIME ammo. In perfect condition. Asking price is $107 shipped via USPS flat rate box. Payment via USPS MO or Paypal...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED FS: Stiller Spectre S/A $975 shipped

    I have a Stiller Spectre S/A w/ 308 boltface for sale. The action had a Benchmark 243 barrel on it for 50 rounds. Comes with the integral 20moa rail as well as the pinned recoil lug from Stiller. Action and bolt lugs have copper anti-seize coated on them and can be removed easily. Barrel was...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED USO LR-17 Mil/Mil w/ MIL Gap reticle $1750 shipped

    I am looking to sell my barely used USO LR-17 3.2-17 Mil/Mil scope with the MIL GAP reticle. It has been on my safe queen and has a logged 25 rounds under her belt. Specs are below in one of the pictures. Will ship in original box from USO. Asking $1750 shipped will be sent signature required...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED does anybody want to anneal brass for me?

    In case you are still looking for somebody to anneal your brass. I have a AMP annealer and can anneal each of them. Here is a link to my Facebook page with price descriptions. Depending on what you need done, the prices vary. Instead of DJ's $20 per 100 pieces, I come in at .05 per piece for...

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