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    Pushing my .308 Carbine Farther

    I got an opportunity to handle a DPMS LR 308 with a Magpul PRS stock a few weeks ago. I loved the adjustments and how it balanced the rifle, at $200 well worth the investment. But, it did make an already heavy rifle heavier. I wouln't want to lug it up a mountain side. That said I will be...
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    AR Scope concern

    Wow that's screaming fast! At 2790 I was flattening out my primers.I guess your chamber is a little bit tighter than mine. I have the LR 308C which is chambered in 7.62 NATO so I guess I answered my own question. Anyway congrats on the acurate rifle, mine shoots sub 1/4 moa too with my...
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    AR Scope concern

    I'm a little late on this one, but according to the calculator I use; with your scope height and for the sake of calculating. A velocity of 2650 and Bc of .400, your 50 yard zero would give you a 190 yard zero. Point Blank of two inches out to 225 yards.
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    AR10 - Buy or Build

    I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself and through my two cents in. I'm a retired military engineer and marksmanship instructor living in Michigan. I bought a DPMS LR 308C last year (after ordering it a year before) and was not overly inspired by the performance. It shot 1.5...