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    How Do You Hunt Squirrels?

    1. From daylight through the first 3hrs has always seemed best to me. 2. If it's a new area that I don't know, there's a lot of slow walking, sneaking through the woods. In areas I know well, I know the squirrels will show up sooner or later, so I just take a seat against a tree where I have the...
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    What is your preferred scope adjustment calibration?

    MOA. I'm still kinda old school, even if the reticle is MIL-based, I still want my adjustments in MOA.
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    Do You Own An AR15 Rifle?

    Yes, a DDM4 V7 and a Springfield Saint with Free Float Rail (couldn't they come up with a better name than "with free float rail":rolleyes:)
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    Do you use a scope level to keep your rifle level?

    Anything used for even the possibility of a long range shot wears a level.
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    Do you prefer a hunting rifle with a detachable mag?

    I didn't vote because it really doesn't make any difference to me.
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    Which guns do you use for predator hunting?

    Usually a bolt gun, but if hunting in an area where shots are almost certainly going to be fast and up close and personal, then I switch to an M4 with 1-4x scope.
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    Do Your Wife And/or Kids Hunt?

    No wife and no kids, so no. But maybe that's how I afford all my toys:D
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    Which electronics do you use

    Rangefinder, and if there's time, a wind meter (otherwise SWAG the wind best I can). Don't use a chrono any more, just real world shooting to establish drop charts.
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    At long range do you dial, BDC turret, graduated reticle, holdover, etc?

    Dial up, using the "verified" drop chart taped to the side of the stock.
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    Do you ever go on outfitted hunts?

    Never have yet and don't see it as likely to happen anytime in the near future.
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    Your Next Rifle Will Be In Which Cartridge

    I want another 300 Win for hunting, so it comes first. Then maybe a 338 Lapua for fun.
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    Do you hunt coyotes?

    Yes, the population has gotten out of control around here in the past couple years.
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    NEW POLL: Will your next rifle scope be MOA or MIL

    MOA, it's just easier to me.
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    How Much Will You Spend On Hunting & Shooting Stuff In The Next 12 Months?

    I fear it will top $2500 because I want an RPR in 300 Win AND one in 338 Lapua too. Then there's optics... oh boy this ain't gonna be cheap
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    Long Range 22LR

    Right now my main long range rimfire is a Savage Mark II TR. Scope is an SWFA SS 10x due to the huge adjustment range it has. Base is an EGW in 20-MOA. Rings are 30mm Burris Signature Zee with another 20-MOA worth of inserts. With HV ammo it likes, such as Aguila Super Extra 40gr copper RN, it...

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