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    375 H&H long range

    Hey, I stumbled on this thread today and was curious if either of you guys have done any more research on the subject??? I've been loading the 270gr spbt bullets that have a bc of .478 and pushing them at around 2700. It seems to be performing well, but the gun and load are both new to me...
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    Hunting the Bob Marshall Wilderness area in Montana

    Hey, Stumbled on this thread and was curious if you ever made it to the Bob. If so I'd be interested to hear what your experience was hunting in that area. Thanks
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    Do I need a 20 MOA base?

    The signature rings would probably work very well in this application. With the ***-align insert set you can offset with any combination of the 5, 10, or 20 offset inserts. It gives you more flexibility than an offset base would. As stated, that vortex probably has enough elevation adjustment...
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    Help me choose a .375 H&H

    I have a special edition (supposedly 1 of 500) Remington 700 SPS in 375 h&h. I love how light it is, as I pack it a lot when hunting. It shoots very well, and the recoil is actually pretty decent for how light the gun is. I only paid $500 with the rifle being in great condition. The seller was...
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    How did you find us here at

    Have been reading the forum for a while now. The forums pop up many times when doing google searches.