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    Leupold Reticle Recommendations

    I have the Impact-29 on mine and I really love it!! I'd much rather hold than dial most of the time.
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    Ca approved bullets?

    Can you cite anything to substantiate that? I'm actually really curious about this, and not trying to be combative or start anything here. My LEO relative and I were discussing this very issue recently, and I think I found some evidence to the contrary...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED .308 Win brass - 545 pieces

    SPF to Lrrloader
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    SOLD/EXPIRED .308 Win brass - 545 pieces

    Hi everyone! I have 545 pieces of .308 that I've been hanging on to for a possible project, but since components are in such high demand now, I thought I'd offer it up for sale in case any of my fellow reloaders are trying to get started, etc. It is all range pickups, so it's probably...
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    Shipping to California

    I would like to apologize. I'm sorry because I may have overstated it; 'lazy' is probably too strong of an adjective. I should have written more clearly. I should also clarify that I deplore Ca and would have moved to a free state a long time ago if were not for certain ties keeping me here. I...
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    Shipping to California

    I guess I understand the fear, but it's just lazy on their part not to take a couple minutes to verify the regs.
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    Light Mountain Rifle Caliber

    I'd vote for the 7-08 since you can load a bit heavier if necessary.
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    What's on your stores' shelves for ammo and reloading supplies?

    Emptier than the Staked Plains of West Texas.
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    Virtually none available here either. I just bought a single box of 209s and that was the last box in the store!
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    Starting from scratch - First Lite or Kuiu?

    I'm a big Kuiu fan... living 45 minutes away from the store has put a serious dent in my wallet!!
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    Favorite bedding compounds

    I really like Devcon 10110
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    #1 shooting tip

    Of all the fundamentals (which of course are all important to master), the #1 factor for ME is breath control. When I really understood shooting on the respiratory pause, my groups improved significantly. If you're a new shooter, google "shooting on the respiratory pause" and read up.
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    Best way to pull bullets without damaging them?

    Another vote for the RCBS collet puller. I just pulled 30 rounds without putting a single mark on any of the bullets.
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    Gun powder help 77gr Sierra MatchKing.

    My 24" bull barrel AR LOVES 24.0 of RL-15 under a 77 SMK. I know several others have had success w/that recipe as well.
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    Favorite .223 Rem Prairie dog loads?

    Ok, this probably isn't your typical prairie dog bullet - but my most accurate .223 load BY FAR is 24.0 gr of RL-15 under a 77gr. SMK. Cloverleafs out of my 1-8 24" bull barrel everytime.