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    308 Win with 190 - 200's

    I run 185s and 200s in my FTR rig in competition and use Varget (185s) and Vihtavuori N-150 (200s). Ive also run Power Pro 2000 MR with good results. You said that the rifle will be used for hunting (semi long range). For that venue i would use Berger 185 gr VLD hunting bullets with...
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    .308 VLD's

    +1 I use 44 gr Varget (168 VLD), Fed 210M primer, Lapua brass loaded at mag length 2.810 in my hunting rig. Shoot very well and is devestating on deer and hogs.
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    .308 win loads with Federal 215 Primers

    Interesting, I would have thought the numbers would have been higher. You never know unless you try i guess.
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    .308 win loads with Federal 215 Primers

    That surprises me that your getting better ES and SD numbers with the mag primer. What powder are you using? You ever try CCI BR2s or Wolf large rifle primers?
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    .308 win 185gr berger

    Yes, you can get over 2700 ftps. with Varget in a 26 inch barrel if you wanna run it on a higher node but its harder on your brass, if that doesn't matter roll with with. My 2000MR load is pretty stiff, im running the 185s over 2800 but after 4 firings i have to chunk the brass as the primer...
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    Long range competitions???

    Don't know about south Texas but just south of Houston is the Bayou Rifles shooting club and they have a 1000 yard F Class match every month on the 1st Sunday of the month I think. I just shot there a few weeks ago in the Texas Long Range Championships, nice range with some good folks, well...
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    .308 win 185gr berger

    I told you that I use 2000MR in my match gun but I also just worked up a load with Varget to see what it would do. My gun has a 11 twist 28 inch barrel and with 42.7 grains of Varget it shot a 5 shot group at 200 yards today that could be completely covered with a penny. CCI BR2 primers, Lapua...
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    Common errors causing ES issues!!

    Everything you just said are factors, seating depth will also affect it. When doing load developement I try several different primers, seating depths, neck tension etc. It all matters.
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    Berger 308 Win bullet ?

    Whats your barrel length, twist rate and have you tried going up on your powder charge with the 168 Hybrid to hit the next accuracy node? I shoot the 185 and 200 hybrid at 600 and 1000 yard matches with good results but have a few friends that use the 168 hybrids with good results also. We are...
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    Bartlein on the way!

    +1 I've shot 5R and 4 groove barrels and have yet to see any difference in accuracy. A good barrel is a good barrel IMO.
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    Hodgdon order came in

    Varget and 4350 are **** near impossible to find, this sucks!
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    Load data for Berger Bullets

    As for seating depths, don't be scared to jump em a long way. I was always under the impression with Bergers that they needed to be jammed or just off the lands. Not always the case, in my 308 that I hunt with (TC Icon Precision Hunter) im shooting the 168 VLD with Varget powder and jumping them...
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    Barnes versus Berger

    I shoot Bergers in my hunting rifles also (whitetails and hogs) and they are the best bullets i've seen yet to anchor an animal. Bullet placement is key with any bullets but i've hit many animals right where I wanted to and they run awhile but very few run any distance at all with the VLDs from...
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    What's so good about the Muscle brakes from Center Shot Rifles

    I have one on my 6.5 X 47. To say its nice to shoot is an understatement. gun)
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    Custom Rifle - 500 yards max - what cartridge

    I see alot of guys voting 308 and alot voting 6.5's. Truth is you can't go wrong either way. I have custom rigs in 308 and 6.5 X 47 Lapua and BOTH hammer. Both calibers have Lapua brass (best on the market IMO), both are VERY accurate calibers and easy to find a load for. The 6.5 will have less...