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    How "important" are certain details when reloading?

    Wow. Nice long thread. My experience: 1. Use the lead sled after mounting a new scope on new rifle. I only use the lead sled on my .375 RUM, 300 RUM and other kickers. Put it away after that. The lead sled has too much bounce in vertical, horizontal and about 4 other dimensions to shoot...
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    What is your favorite .300RUM load?

    96.0 of RE-25, FED215m, 180 Accubonds Also 96.0 of H-1000, FED215m, 168 Nosler Combined Tech. both do over 3200 fps and shoot nice clover leafs. Many use heavier bullets. I have not gotten the 210 Bergers to shoot as well from a Sendero as these loads. However, Project Next will include a...
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    6.5x.284 Norma (Win) Hunting Loads

    H4350 44.0 grains is a good light start. You can go up. I have great luck with CCI-BR2 primers and H4350. Also RE 17 and Fed210m. You will find that H4350 and H4831 are tough to beat in most rifles. RE17, 19 and 22 are also great in some rifles. Good luck.
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    6-284/107SMK Antelope results

    Awesome shooting. What load did you use? Primer, Brass, powder, load etc. I have the same built on Rem 700 action with 28 inch Krieger barrel, 8 twist.
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    Sendero as a starting point?

    Concur with all. The new Sendero triggers can be adjusted. Not the same as the old triggers but they can be adjusted to 2 pounds. Shilen and others make great replacement triggers. Have some, they work great. We have worked up loads for 300 RUMs, 7 mags and 264 Wmag. All shoot 1/2 MOA or better...
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    .264 Win Mag vs. 7mm Mag

    Agreed. I shoot either 300 RUM or 264 mag. The 264 is pleasant to shoot. Lots of good high BC bullets to choose from. Reloading set ups: Cabellas has a deal. 1. Hornady Lock N Load Classic Reloading Kit $329.99. 2. Better.....RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Deluxe Kit $779.99. The latter will...
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    .264 Win Mag vs. 7mm Mag

    My .264 mag Sendero shoots great. But you will need to reload. Or, you could have someone do it. Use any brass (Nosler makes some good match brass now), Fed215m primers, RE25 (about 646-70 grains), 130 Nosler Accubonds or 120 Ballistic Tips and you will be happy. We shoot rocks at 750 yards...
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    Bellet Selection For .264 Win Mag

    My Sendero likes 120 grain ballistic tips and 67 plus grains of RE 25. Work up. you might even like a little more powder but do so safely. Safety first. :)
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    Leica CRF 900 Rangefinder Give Away From Camera Land

    "Enter Me In The Leica CRF Rangefinder/Cameraland Contest"
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    Greybull Precision Hunting Stock Give Away Contest

    Enter Me In Greybull Precision Hunting Stock Contest
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    Remington Sendero 6.5-284

    the new Titaniums are heavier and slightly bigger. The old Titaniums were very, very light. The 300saum I have in the old version shoots lights out bughole groups. I wish I would have gotten one in 7mm Saum. They are way over priced now.
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    300 RUM and 168gr Barnes TTSX

    I have several 300 RUMs and have loaded for others. RE25 behind 180 grain Accubonds. Recently I found a load of H1000 behind 168 grain Nosler CTs that works great. I would also try that...around 95.0 grains and up would work nicely. FED215m primers. Good luck.
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    Remington Sendero 6.5-284

    Billr- Ouch. Dropping the Sendero would not be a good thing. Based on the prices they seem to be achieving, I would bet their gross margins on the Sendero are healthy. I agree that Savage is attempting to gain a foothold in this area with the 6br, 6.5-284 etc chamberings. They are doing a great...
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    Remington Sendero 6.5-284

    I appreciate your reply. In my opinion, I don't think we have enough data to conclude that it would not be a popular hunting cartridge. To my knowlege, Savage is the only company to test that water. Remington appears to have danced around the cartridge with numerous 260 Remingtons (insufficient...