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    Wanting Badger Rings and Bases

    Hey Chris. I'm on active duty right now and don't have much of a chance to get on a phone. I do sit in front of this computer MOST of the day though. If you will, e-mail me your price of the Badger rail and Max 50 30mm rings. Chris Snow
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    Wanting Badger Rings and Bases

    I stop by as much as possible to read and learn from you guys. Thanks for all of the good info! Looking to add to my LTR with a Badger base and rings for my 50mm Burris Black Diamond (will change to a Leupold soon). Can you guys guide me in the right direction on the best place to buy my rings...
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    Looking for any M40A1's in decent shape. Thanks! Forgot to add: for REM 700 SA [ 03-07-2003: Message edited by: SNOW ]
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    Do any of you shoot a 25x284? I'm about to have one built and hope to shoot GS Custom 100 gr about 3500 fps. I'm looking for some info/data on the round. I've been "just a reader" on the site for some time because I'm just now getting into reloading and long range (to me) shooting. I've started...

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