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    6.5 RPM

    which powder is being used??
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    Hunting ear protection

    axil GS extreme, these work, no more ear muffs.
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    Nosler M48 rifles worth the price

    the demo m48c in 270wsm I got over 5 years ago has been one of my favorites, accurate, long lasting, loaded several loads, rifle just feels good to me.
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    28 nosler load advice

    If you have the N570 and 195s you are good to go. I shoot the 180s using H1000, I used Retumbo with the 195s, my barrel did not like RL33. My barrel is getting swapped as we speak, so will get to do this all over again.
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    Wind and Uphill/Downhill Shots

    Good questions. I had a case when shooting down across a canyon, with a 20mph down draft wind. Don't think any app takes this into consideration that I know of. The distance was 365 angle converted, yet the shot ended up about 18" low. I had to make quick adjustments to get the bull elk killed...
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    280 AI powder choice for 160 AB

    I used RL23 for 160AB in a Kimber Mtn Ascent. 58.5gr was right at max 2950fps
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    Lightweight FFP Scope

    I see that Maven has not been mentioned yet, RS 1 3x15x44 FFP might be an option to look at.
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    2019 Wyoming Whitetail

    Sweet buck, way to stick with it and make a bold decision. Congratulations!
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    28Nos nasty on steel

    I used the Lyman bore scope to get the picture. I use retumbo with the 195s and h1000 with the 180s. I use the JD bore compound and bore polish not tubbs. Clean about every 20 shots.
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    28Nos nasty on steel

    Yes, hard on barrels. But it looks pretty darn good compared to mine. Mine still shoots and looks awful after 600+ shots. I do use tubbs from time to time. I will try to upload a pic of mine, am on vacation right now, will see if works from Galápagos.
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    6.5 156 EOL

    Got out today to finish up with the Retumbo ladder. 56.3 2931, 56.6 2982, 56.9 2960, 57.2 2990, 57.5 2991. Last 4 shots had slight ejector marks, and all were with in 1/2". I am pretty sure the Cooper only has .110 of freebore. retumbo has really good accuracy potential. Temps today were around...
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    6.5 156 EOL

    Today ran a ladder using Retumbo, started at 53.5gr 2818, 54.0 2866, 54.5 2899, 55.0 2881, 55.5 2892, 56.0 2911. I figured I would have hit pressure so didn't load up any further. Accuracy in the last 4 shots was a ragged hole. Will load up to 57.5 for next trip to the range.
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    6.5 156 EOL

    Yes, I have same results with my several year old RL26. I always get way less velocity and I end up using another powder.
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    6.5 156 EOL

    Don't know the throat length, I probably should call Cooper. Coal I used was 3.190/ 2.385 cbto, which is 0.020 off the lands as measured with my Sinclair gauge.
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    28 Nosler barrel life

    I am at 600-700 and have shot similar loads as yours. Mostly shot the 195s, but have stopped due to heavy firecracking in the throat. Rifle still shoots the 175/180s very well 3130ish ragged hole so will continue on before re-barrels.

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