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    Best 400-600 binos besides save and buy better ones?

    I used a pair of Nikon Monarch 5 10x42 for several years and loved them. With your budget up to $600 you could get the Monarch 7s and get a little better quality and much wider field of view.
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    Cell Trail Camera Recommendation

    My brother in law and I just set up four cuddeback cameras as well as one of the home cell cameras for the cuddelink system. You can set them up to daisy chain to the home camera and pull pics from one camera or have them sent to your phone. I don't know much about it but it seems pretty slick...
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    Load Development

    Alot of good info provided, appreciate it! I loaded 10 rounds of 57.7 and couldn't repeat the 57.5/58 load. SD/ES was 19/39. I put all the Chrono data in a table and noticed a flat spot between 57 and 57.5 so I loaded up 10 rounds of 57.3 and got good groups and SD/ES of 10/21 so I'm happy...
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    Load Development

    I'm using brass that's been fired in this gun before. It's FL sized. I don't have tools to measure the shoulder. Is this something I should consider? What are the advantages to know how much the shoulder expands after firing? I'm a little hesitant to go much higher than 58gr as that's already...
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    Load Development

    Looking for some help on interpreting this data. This is a 30-06 tikka shooting 180 AB. I used a magnetospeed shooting at 100 yards. I'm torn between chasing low SD/ES or group size... What load would you guys/gals try next? 54.5gr - 1.6" Avg 2579 SD 22 ES 44 2581 2600 2556 55gr - 1.2" Avg...
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    Vortex Razor HD LH vs Razor LHT Here's a Jay Scott Outdoors podcast talking about all the specs of this rifle. My buddy has the Gen 1 and it's pretty slick. Might have to pull the trigger on this one if I find another rifle.
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    What compares to pelican rifle case?

    Another vote for the Cabelas branded double rifle case!
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    Bushing Dies How To?

    I had the same issue with my collet die as well. I couldn't get enough tension to hold the bullet tight. I could push the bullet in the case easily with my thumb. I assumed it was user error bc I haven't heard many people have the same problem.
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    Tikka 695 vs T3

    I have a 695 and am considering getting is rebarreled at some point. I see a lot of gunsmiths offer barrels for T3s but no mention of the older 695/595 series. Are the threads the same for the T3 and the 695?