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    7mm SAUM brass, which one?

    ADG. I have a bunch of Rem 7mm and 300 SAUM brass. I have a new 7saum barrel coming for suppressor purposes and will be doing new load work with the ADG brass I picked up.
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    Suppressor for a 30-378 Wby

    I’ve been digging into suppressors lately and you might want to contact Rugged and or Energetic Armament about their Vox. Not sure they’re good for your size case, likely not, but they offer no BS lifetime warranties.
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    I want to add: If you go with a 30Nosler and get a reamer designed let me know. If you beat me to it, I might just ask you to rent it for a barrel. I won't likely get around to doing anything again about this until Jan-Feb.
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    I like knocking the shoulder back from 28 - 30. You can choose your neck length that way for the reamer design. Necking down a 30Nosler to .284 will eat up neck length.
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    Its on the back burner for the moment as I’m in the middle of opening a brewery. So here’s where I left off. I decided that a 28Nosler case knocked back just one step to 30 Nosler shoulder dimension was plenty. If you’re running something longer than the 197 then the step to 33Nos shoulder...
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    Picking a Savage stock

    Theres a guy on accurateahooter forum selling a GRS Berserk if you’re ok with something that doesnt look traditional and you’re right handed. I have one and its a nice stock in the $450 range. Full retail price is a bit high for a synthetic like the GRS but i fot mine for a good deal. About...
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    Gunwerks Brass, Creedmoor, WIN, RUM, and Lapua

    ADG was supposed to start making 7LRM for they by summer. I went in the Gunwerks Facebook page, going through the comments I think this is all Gunwerks headstamped by ADG. The upcoming brass offerings seem to mirror the offerings teased by ADG at shot show. There was a comment on Gunwerks...
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    7mm Blaser Mag experience?

    He's right 300 Blaser Mag is basically the same dimension at 30 Nosler. You'll be using the same brass manufacturer even. If you want a longer neck and something that fits in a DBM I get it then. I'm getting a reamer made for 28 Nosler brass with the shoulder knocked back to 33 Nosler...
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    28 nosler donuts

    If you're considering neck turning I picked up a PMA Tool Model A. I haven't owned others but I got this based on bench rest guys. I figure if it's a top choice for them it's fine for my tinkering. It'll run you about $150. I got mine because I bought a bunch of 1x fired RP brass for my 7SAUM.
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    Nosler incompetence??

    I've read of people shooting RDFs with large jumps compared. I think on Accurate shooter someone posted that 50-60 thou got him a nice group. I don't remember what caliber or cartridge though.....
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    7mm Blaser Mag experience?

    Very cool. I am trying to be good, but I have a chance to pick up a proof carbon in 28" for less than $700, I shouldn't.
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    7mm Blaser Mag experience?

    What does your rifle weigh as pictured? I'm curious because I'm after a similar setup only I am likely to get a MPA Hybrid chassis.
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    TL Technologies Action

    I figured he'd get further behind due to the price and quality.
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    TL Technologies Action

    He got busy today after the first month. When I picked mine up, I think he said his order time to ship time was over two weeks. That was back in January if my memory serves me. I can't wait to get mine built out. Jack is a great guy selling a great action for what he charges.
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    10+ round groups

    Once I settle on a load I do the same thing. I send 10-20 downrange to see how it plays out. The amount beyond 10 depends on the barrel weight and my patience. When I show groups on something like AR barrels it's 10rds fairly quick. My "heavy sporter" 7saum barrel gets hot fast. I do it...