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    Quickload software. is it worth it?

    Thanks for the info, I to have been waiting to pull the trigger. I read on here that updates erase data. Just not sure about the saved guns or loads.
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    Quickload software. is it worth it?

    I don't have QL, but had some questions before making the investment. Can you input all you calibers and loads for each and save them? Will the updates erase them? Thx guys.
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    6.5CM vs 6.5PRC???

    I don't have either, but wouldn't 200fps be good for long distance target shooting also? Not just hunting?
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    Howa Mini 6.5 Grendel- what is wrong?

    I have that same rifle. Bought it and put mdt chassis and Nikko Stirling scope. Total weight was under 8lbs with mag. Took my boys to the range and without adjusting anything, the first 3 shots could covered by a silver dollar. After breaking it in the gun is awesome. I haven't even used...
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    200g sierra HPBT #2231 question

    I bought a box of these newer matchking bullets for my 300wm to try out. (Have a lot of time as of lately) Looks to have a good bc at 715. The problem is, it looks like there won't be much actual bearing surface inside the neck of the brass for seating. Has anyone shot these yet from a 300wm?
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    RIA VR80 barrel issue

    Trigger pull is heavier than what I'm used to. Not sure the weight, I never measured. But when your shooting it's really not an issue. I don't even think about it. The recoil depends on the ammo, but when I was shooting the slugs it felt like maybe a 308 ar-10. Really had no issues with that...
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    RIA VR80 barrel issue

    Agree totally, it took some heavy 1" slugs 1600 fps to break it in. It has lots of oil on and in it. Be careful about over heating the barrel though. After break in, I was shooting with my boys and noticed the barrel was getting hot. Everything still was functioning fine. Went to clean the...
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    I just installed a timney in my savage 111 LR. Trigger pull was light and crisp. I went to the range and the rifle slam fired after closing the bolt. Freaked me out. Checked adjustments and found the trigger pull was just too light for sear engagement. So I dialed it back and doesn't do it now.
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    300wm, H1000 vs RL26 pros and cons?

    I have enough of the RL26 but can't find H1000 ANYWHERE! I heard it might pop up coming spring. I justed wanted to try it. I use norma brass or nosler both are almost the same larger capacity.
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    300wm, H1000 vs RL26 pros and cons?

    I use RL26 and never used H1000 in my 300wm but read a lot on this site most use H1000. I'm I leaving fps on the table? I get a consistent 2852 fps with 225g hornady without any pressure signs. I don't have any issues or complaints about the powder but I also live in area and rarely gets...
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    Sierra Matchking 200g in 300wm

    I was wondering if anyone is using the Sierra matchking 200g in a 300wm with 1 in 10 twist? Bullet calls for a 1 in 9 twist. Wondering if they would stabilize or not? I was thinking of changing from my usual 225 ELD M.
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    RIA VR80 barrel issue

    So I bought a Rock Island VR80 semi auto 12g. Took it to the range with cheap walmart bird shot and wouldn't cycle. I wasn't surprised, so i brought in some Fiocchi HV 1 oz slugs at 1560fps. The gun is bad *** to say the least. I know it needed about 200 rounds to break in. I shot about half...
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    Belted Magnum Collet Resizing Die

    You're totally right. I don't shoot it that often but ordered a new chassis for it and plan on doing more shooting.
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    Belted Magnum Collet Resizing Die

    I only have the 1 300wm so I don't do a full length, just neck. It's been loading just fine but the site states it will increase brass life, so that caught my attention.
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    Belted Magnum Collet Resizing Die

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone used this belted magnum resizing die? It resizes the very base just above the belt where normal dies don't. Thinking of getting one for my 300wm. Thx for the help

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