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    Scope failed tall target test....🤬

    Bob is correct, if your scope is nearly bottomed-out of elevation adjustment, it could be the inner scope tube has tension on it from touching the external scope tube (body) that relaxes as you adjust the elevation up enough to clear the side pressure. That would explain the sudden shift in...
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    A new California ?

    Starting to seriously doubt "free"! Even here in the USA, it sure isn't feeling "free" lately!
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    What does a slightly higher scope height do?

    Exactly! I like to maintain a tight cheekweld and keep my neck straight up. No cheating my head forward! That allows me to acquire moving targets quickly, judge level better on the fly and estimate range changes on moving targets, with my non-scope eye. In order to accomplish this, my scopes are...
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    A look back to remind us... Vote!

    Two VERY Different Presidents As an individual and as Governor of California, Ronald Reagan steadfastly held to his belief in U.S. American citizens' Constitutional Rights, including their Right as individuals, to Bear Arms. He held to this position throughout his U.S. Presidency, even after...
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    Is the .243 win on the way out?

    LOL. I just bought another 30-06 last night. It is a BNIB Remington 700 Long Range with the Bell & Carlson M40 tactical stock and a 26" HB. Got one heck of a deal on it. We'll see if Remington's quality control has gotten any better. If it functions and shoots good, the junk X-Mark Pro trigger...
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    Is my Bergara Bergarbage?

    101stCurrahee, You could buy a new rifle in one of a couple of brands of CHEAP but, accurate rifles in 300 Win Mag, that are guaranteed MOA or better, that actually shoot sub-MOA, for under $550. I have several that shoot very nice groups with both factory 180gr Barnes TTSX loads and my...
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    Nosler brass strikes again

    Thanks Bob. Disappointing to hear, but good to know. I do plan on using RL-23 for the 280 AI loads. I have plenty on hand and have had great results with it in similar size cases with heavier bullets.
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    Nosler brass strikes again

    Didn't dream I would win that rifle! Was really just trying to help the seller out. I buy from that seller a lot!
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    New guy with an addiction

    Welcome from N.E. Florida. Love the 338-06 myself. Had one in a Remington Sportsmans 78 action many years ago but, let it get away. Going to build one on a Winchester M70 Classic CRF action next. Planning on a Bartlein 24" SS 5R 1 in 8.5 twist Rem Varmint contour barrel. Want to shoot 250gr to...
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    Nosler brass strikes again

    Would you mind keeping us posted on the results of the performance and durability of the new Nosler 280 AI brass, as opposed to what you have experienced with your older lot? I recently purchased a Savage Axis in 280 AI. I had wanted one for years but, have so many, 270 Wins, 7mm-08s, 7mm Rem...
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    Nosler brass strikes again

    Would explain the variance seen between Dmagna's older and new Nosler 280 AI brass weight and headstamp.
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    Savage 300WM Load?

    RL-23 is very accurate in 300 Win Mag but, runs a bit low on velocity with the 215gr and up bullets. H1000 is my go to powder for 300 Win Mag. I get around 2,940 fps with my 190gr load and around 2,790 with the Berger 215gr Hybrids. Very accurate with good velocity. Retumbo will get you more...
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    Midsouth has H1000

    Thanks for the heads-up! Just scored a few lbs. Wish they had it in 8 lbs. but, hey, got some at least. 👍 😁
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    Howa Mini 6.5 Grendel- what is wrong?

    Same here. My 6.5 Creedmoor "Go Wild" got bedded into a Boyds Pro Varmit Laminate with PTG M5 bottom metal added for AI magazines. Cloverleaf 5 round groups at 100 yards. It's the one that started it all for me... 😜
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    Howa Mini 6.5 Grendel- what is wrong?

    The Ruger American Predator comes in 6.5 Grendel, Model 26922. Grab-A-Gun has them in stock for $413.99 plus S&H to your FFL. Their shipping is very reasonable. Bud's Gun Shop has them for $447.00 (cash Price) with free S&H and will usually match prices or at least get you close on most in stock...

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