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    Help with Redding body only sizing die

    Ooops. You're right.
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    Help with Redding body only sizing die

    If it ultimately proves impossible to adjust your body die low enough to bump the shoulder, Redding recommends using their competition shell holders that are a bit thicker or thinner than standard. Or you can modify your existing shell holder if you are willing and able to do so. Redding...
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    Powder or primer degradation

    What conditions were the loaded rounds stored in? I fired some .300 Wby Mag my stepdad loaded in the early 1980s a few years ago and it worked just fine; no pressure signs at all. The ammo was stored in an Indiana basement for 25 years, then in a garage in south Georgia for 10 years before I got...
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    Reloading 9mm

    Not true if you bought many thousands of bullets and primers and pounds of powder when Obama was re-elected. ;)
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    Virgin brass, or once fired!

    I wouldn't think this ever happens, if you mean that the entire case moves forward, because the extractor holds the base in place. If you mean that the shoulder expands to fill the chamber and this moves the neck forward too, you may have a point provided this happens before the bullet starts...
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    What is your favorite make of brass you reload and why?

    I use Lapua and Norma brass (for calibers Lapua doesn't make) for all my rifle reloads. Both are high quality and long-lasting. The only glitch I've encountered was with a batch of 100 Norma .300 Weatherby Mag cases. One of them had the shoulder and neck of another case INSIDE it. I couldn't...
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    Scope that won't break on 300 win mag

    I have a .300 Weatherby Mag rifle, which with full loads generates nearly as much recoil as a .300 Win Mag. In November 2008 I mounted a Simmons Whitetail Classic Rifle Scope that cost $99.99 on it . I shoot it at my local gun club's 300 yard range and after 11 years of use I still get the...
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    Case trimmer

    I had one of these before buying my Giraud Power Trimmer. I switched in my mid-50s after trimming thousands of .223 Rem cases left my hands and wrists in agony. Great buy for younger reloaders with stronger hands and/or not much money; it'll get the job done but expect to spend lots more time...
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    Case trimmer

    Giraud Power Case trimmer. I've had one for years, and it's AWESOME.
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    Hand priming tools

    I have the Sinclair hand priming tool too and I like it but the Sinclair shell holders are expensive. The Lee shell holders are much less expensive but they don't fit perfectly; I had to grind down the outside edges a bit to get them to fit.
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    Homemade reloading benchtop material?

    I have something very similar I bought at Sears years ago.
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    How to deprime live primers?

    Ok... how do you know? I've reused primers I removed for years without incident.
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    Bullet puller? What do you have?

    I started with a kinetic puller and ended up stuffing a cotton ball in the end to protect bullet tips as others have done. This works well but contaminates the powder; after pulling bullets from multiple calibers you end up with different types of powder stuck to the cotton. As others have...
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    It happened to me

    I have separate powder measures for each caliber I load on my Dillon XL 650 (mostly pistol calibers) and each is labeled with caliber, powder type & charge. I use a RCBS ChargeMaster 1500 to measure charges for rifle calibers and like others here, keep the bottle next to it when I'm loading...
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    Best range for load development?

    I like to test my loads at the range at which I intend to shoot them.