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    ID this bullet, please

    I agree with the partition idea. One way to know for sure, slice one down the middle.
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    Long range custom air rifles ?

    A guy in East Texas killed 3 mature bucks (avg 170) at up to 80 yards. No idea how far the max range is but I'd say 100 has to be stretching it out there pretty good.
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    Backcountry build

    If you have a rum then the bolt face and feed rails dictate a rum diameter case for best reliability. You could run the 26 nosler with the 156 and still be nearly laser flat or a short mag variant like a 65 sherman max. Could have some real fun by running a 25 sherm for the 131 blackjack.
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    Which Berger for rectory Sendero

    I entered a 140 vld into the berger stability calculator and it came back with 1.35 where 1.50 is fully stable. Berger list 1.0 to 1.5 as marginally stable. I'm running a 230 berger at 2950 from a 10 twist. Berger shows it as 1.39 and I'm doing great to 600 yards.
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    18" barrel, best 500 yard ballistics?

    Here's the berger ballistics showing a 230 berger at 2500 fps at sea level. I'm quite sure I can do this in a sherman short or max. Question is, what's the shortest barrel that will accomplish the goal. Im also hoping to use H4350 or Varget since I have 8 pounds of each. Ample velocity to 500...
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    18" barrel, best 500 yard ballistics?

    Double post
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    18" barrel, best 500 yard ballistics?

    I'm in the same boat and will say if you can get a heavy and high bc 6.5, 7 or 30 cal to 2500 plus you're good to 500. I'm wanting to do a short mag 30 at 16.5 suppressed running a 230 at 2500 plus as a goal. Not sure if its realistic at 16. It seems in that combo at least that 20 inches is the...
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    Berger 245 in 30 nosler

    I agree with the numbers above but the 230 is reported to be a little thicker in the jacket (approx. 003). The performance im seeing backs that up as I wasn't getting pass throughs on even small Texas deer with the 215. I'm a believer that velocity isn't the end all be all with bergers...
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    Berger 245 in 30 nosler

    I'm running the 230 at 2950 for best accuracy with room to get 3025 and no pressure issues with H1k. Should have no problem getting 2900 from a 26 inch barrel. Id try the 245s but I'm limited with a 10 twist. I have 6 boxes of 230s so I'm in good shape. I've shot 1 red hind, 2 mature 170-180...
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    Rifle shooting is no longer like golf.

    Like ole Roy said in Tin Cup, "grip it and rip it". That doesn't really work for long range shooting but it worked for your thread title. Like said above no one is forced into but I love the challenge of developing a load thats capable of a first round 1 moa or less hit to 1k. I wouldn't...
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    Zero at 100 Yards and Leave Turret at 200 Yards for Hunting?

    I zero at 100 for head shots and ease of computing drops. I've used 100 for so long I have a lot of info in my head. All my scopes have an MOA based retical which I use out to 300 yards. I dial past that point typically.
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    Talk me out of a 20 inch 300 Winchester magnum… or not.

    I quickly lose faith in store bought ammo past 300 yards. I'm sure some will do it in some rifles but if feel those are the outliers. The ES alone in "most" factory ammo makes it dubious at best. Honestly this thread is so old I had forgotten about the factory ammo and 1k. I agree with...
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    Talk me out of a 20 inch 300 Winchester magnum… or not.

    If I understand your question I believe your asking about cold bore shots to 1k. I've never shot to 1k but routinely shoot to 600. Most of the time I'm happy to ring the 6 inch gong at 600. Recently I've done some cold bore shooting on paper to 600 yards. The first target with a single hole...
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    Purchase Your Wyoming Preference Points Now !

    Got mine for elk deer and lope. Hopefully I can join you guys on the group elk hunt in a few years.
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    Defiance AnTi

    Liking it. Planning to build on it in the spring in a 300 short mag variant. I currently have a 30 nos on a tenacity which is my favorite of the 3 custom actions I've owned. I've had a tl3 and a first gen axiom. I feel the tenacity is a real sweet spot between buying and truing a 700 and the...