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    SOLD/EXPIRED Powder Valley RETUMBO!!!

    Yup, I keep checking back for that reason.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Powder Valley RETUMBO!!!

    Sold out or pending now.
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    Any info on 17/223 Remington?

    Based on your above comment then a 17 Hornet would be another option. It's centerfire so it can be reloaded and would be a tad quieter. The 17-223 will still be the easiest to source brass and dies for.
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    Any info on 17/223 Remington?

    If it's just a 223 necked down then all you need is a 223 bushing die and the appropriate sized bushing for a 17. I'm more a fan of the 20s. I think they really split the gap between the 17 and 224 bullets. Loaded from 20-32 grains is the sweet spot with 40 gainers on the high end. I don't...
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    The 7saum strikes again!

    That's awesome, I just took my first deer a WT doe with my 21 inch suppressed 7 SAUM. Congrats on a great looking cow.
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    Want To Buy Looking for 6.5 140 grain Sierra Gamechanger bullets (trade?)

    Didn't realize they made 140 game changers. I have roughly 2.5 boxes of 6.5 130 game changers I'd sell ya.
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    Input on a new 6mm build

    This right here. Every bore diameter has a sweet spot for powder burn IMO and beyond that you're at diminishing returns. If feel the creed is the 6mm sweet spot. To add to that sweet spot theory here's my little 6 dasher running a 105 berger at 2900 over 32.6 grains of varget next to a 243 win...
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    What's your next build.

    No date or commitment but I'm wanting a big boomer. Def anti or tenacity. 338 lapua improved. Bart 3b at 26 in a 9.5 twist and a brake or a Proof Sendero. Mcm game warden in edge or similar AG. TT Diamond. VX6-HD Should be eight at 10 pounds ready to hunt. I like the proof for running a...
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    7mm SAUM build help

    I too went with a long action for ease of use with 180s and a .195 free bore. This is an APR Maverick Light built on a Defiance an-ti, CF barrel an AG stock. As it sits with a 3-18x44 VX6-HD bipod and ultra 7 it weighs 9 pounds on the dot. There's some weight to be haved if that's the goal but...
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    Next rifle build

    The rifle I pictured above comes fully built for 2650. For a little more you can add a carbon barrel. The tenacity action is considerably less money and even bit as good as the TL.
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    Next rifle build

    I've had nothing buy great luck from APR both in customer service and how they shoot. All have been .5moa or better to 600 yards. The Maverick fits your budget with room for upgrades like a trigger, brake or suppressor mount. Below is my 30 nosler which is essentially what turned into the...
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    I'm Done with a Bipod on My Hunting Gun

    That's an APR in 30 nosler running 230 bergers. I put it in the 10 ring.
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    I'm Done with a Bipod on My Hunting Gun

    I agree it's rare that you can use a bipod. I still carry one as the magpul I've started using is relatively light. As said above it's great for not laying your rifle down and gets occasional use in the field. Most of my hunting is from a stand and with the legs stowed they form a flat surface...
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    First Elk hunt DIY Colorado public land highs and lows and success

    Awesome story and great for sticking it out when things didn't go as planned. Congrats.
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    Old Black Buck Down

    Great story and a great old war horse. Love the 30-30 and bullet selection. I'm planning to load those for my 45-70 one day.