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    .308 or .338 Caliber Elk and Up Cartridge

    It’s hard to figure out now, so many better bullets, powders ect. I still look at energy at range, all shots aren’t great for what ever reason. Still boils down to placement bullet performance and energy. As for browns personnel choice would be biggest I could shoot well
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    New member

    Welcome from middle idaho
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    Well that sucks, good healing
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    DIY Az Antelope Unit 10 hunt success

    Hell of a goat, congrats, great team work to
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    ADG Dimpling at the shoulder after resizing 🤔

    All the above are possibilities
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    ADG Dimpling at the shoulder after resizing 🤔

    Try backing die off a thousands, see if better
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    Anyone You Know?

    Got a laugh bout that
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    Is shot placement more important than bullets?

    Ah must be from the Dakota offda
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    .300 win mag: pursuing 4000 feet per second.

    energy at muzzle and at distance are two different things as far as bullet weight and coaficint.
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    Borescope Pictures & Question

    Aleast in the grove, not on the lands. Would think if accuracy is good, it will get better with wear, but think it may copper foul there pretty fast
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    Opinions on elk bullet for 300 win

    180 in the best bulletin you have, for good expanshin,from 200-400 yrds
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    Powder for 300RUM?

    Mine likes retumbo
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    My budget .257 WBTY build ...

    Are those the same cartridges, the shoulders look a lot diff, or optical
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    Is my barrel worn out?

    Carbon build up at throat and up. regular cleaning normally does not get carbon out.