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  • Skip, I saw your comment on picking Kahles over Nightforce. I am thinking about going to FFP on my Magnus rifles in 28 Nosler and 6.5 x 284 Norma. I am looking at your Revic and the Kahles. I currently am running Swarorvski X5's on them. I would like to hear your pick between the two and why. Thank You!
    John Galica
    I hope I'm not jumping something here, but I found it interesting that my 300 rum (rem 700 trued with 26" factory barrel back on it while waiting for more $$) shooting 200 gr ELD-X's showed a prolonged flat/sweet spot in .5 increments from 91.5 to 94 gr. at mag length with es of 25 fps sd's did change though with 21 18 16 15 9 16 19. 3130-3155. I did repeat the series with almost identical results. all grouped inside 1" with the low sd the best at .69". my fist sign of pressure came at 94 (ejector 1/4 smiley) have you seen this behavior with these bullets?
    Hey I was reading some older post and saw that you said you guys had a good load for a 300 rum with the 212 eldx I have always shot berger but have recently been wanting to switch so I bought the 212s to try just figured you guys know where to start and I have a factory sendero that I have built up a little like the one you made a YouTube video about thanks for any info u may be able to share
    Thanks for sharing so much of your professional knowledge on LRH and simplifying your system for easier and quicker utilization. change sure seems to threaten some of the established posters...their comments usually look like they have been made without ever going to the website.
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