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    yuck, bullet argument

    For shooting varmints or predators id say what ever is cheaper if they both shoot the same.
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    Is inconsistent soot on the neck of fired cases my problem?

    I dont want to take us too far down the anealing rabbit hole, but, heating brass changes its physical properties, not its chemical composition. Let us think for a moment, if we put our brass cases in a crucible and over annealed it to the point that it all melted. We then pour that brass into an...
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    Is inconsistent soot on the neck of fired cases my problem?

    Just for reference the human involuntary heat response is roughly 131°f. You will drop the brass when the case head gets that hot. Not enought to aneal the head. Welders and weld inspectors use a number of temp sensitive markers. If you apply it before entering the heat source, your flame will...
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    Want To Buy Silver long action BDL bottom metal

    Im looking for complete BDL bottom metal. Trigger guard, screws, magazine box, spring and follower. Or if you have most of what I need or a lead on where I can get it. Its for a stainless action so silver would be nice. Thank you.
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    Is inconsistent soot on the neck of fired cases my problem?

    Hate to say it but if you get consistant .5" groups with factory ammo why reload. .5" with 225s should do most of what you need. What are you wanting to do with this rifle?
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    New Reloading Method for me

    I start with seating depth at a min load. Then I move to 3 shot groups at 100 with either .5 or .2 grain increments depending on case size. A couple groups will probably be promising. Reload those charge weights and re shoot groups farther out. Nothing fancy.
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    6.5 PRC Barrel Length 24"vs 26" Velocity

    I think the majority of the gun buying public will be buying hunting rifles for hunting. Caliber and cartridge isn't quite as important. Most people could shoot a 308 and be perfectly fine thus a slightly easier carrying 24" rifle probably sells better. If you are dead set on a 26" barrel but...
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    Good long range scope with zero stop for beginner

    Im very pleased with my Nightforce SHV. I also have some Leupolds, some low end Bushnells, a Nightforce ATACR, a Zeiss conquest MC. So pretty much low to high. The SHV I think was a good combo of price and features with good glass. Not great glass but good. Good turrets. Will certainly buy...
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    Talk me out of a 7mm rem mag

    Stainless Rem 700 action will be at my FFL Monday, McMillan hunter stock already arrived, Trigger tech special trigger will be here tomorrow, and a Leupold VX5HD 3-15x44 is on it's way as well. Some deals to be had in the classifieds these days lol. Next I need to order a bolt from PTG, a few...
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    What cartridge?

    I was looking for a similar cartridge not too long ago and I came around to the 7mm rem mag. Really balanced, good brass available, tons of reloading data, ammo on shelves if you need it, enough speed and bullet weight for elk, better barrel life than the bigger magnums, not a fad cartridge that...
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    Can't believe it! A Bull Elk tags in Kentucky

    Congratulations, and good luck.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Wts: Leupold VX5HD 3-15x44, illuminated

    Any more left? Pm me please.
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    Comfortable shooting magnum caliber

    Roughly 6.5-06 performance and non existant brass.
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    Comfortable shooting magnum caliber

    300 win mag and 7mm rem mag have been getting it done for a long time before brakes were common. Can still be stout but not terrible. Shoot light bullets, or use mild loads and increase your tolerance to the recoil. The big magnum revolver guys and big bore rifle guys often do this before going...
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    7mm rem mag magazine box?

    I am gathering parts for a 7mm mag build on a 700 action. I swaped to a wyatts extended box into my 300 ultra and have the old magazine sitting about. If it works and I can save $12 cool. If not, im out... $12. No big deal.

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