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    Pack ideas for my wife

    Ok 'huntintoo' and 'bowkill02', you have to give us some details of your wives (age, injuries, defects, physical shape, appetite, etc.). I will talk to my wife. She just might like having another wife around to help with things. And we've got an extra Eberlestock M5 Team Elk pack that might...
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    Winchester Model 70 Sharpshooter models?

    I do not see a reply answering this post from 6 years ago. From what little I know about the Winchester 'Sharpshooter', the difference was the bolt. The "Classic" Sporting Sharpshooter had the pre-64 type of Controlled Round Feed. And the other Sporting Sharpshooter had the push-feed bolt.
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    Magnum obsession seems real

    A few years ago I was finally able to travel out of Oklahoma for my first elk hunt with my son, and his college frat brother as our guide. The safe had plenty of choices for us for an elk hunt...a pair of 300 Wby Mags, 270 WSM, a 30-06, and a 264 Win Mag. There is a long story behind the 264...
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    What is everyone favorite caliber for deer?

    Since the late 60's, my Model 70 Safari Grade in .264 Win Mag has been all I've needed. Whitetails are simply DRT when using Accubonds or Partitions at any range out to 500 yards. At over 50 yrs old, the barrel will need to be replaced soon. And I'm not sure whether to go back with the 264...

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