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    SOLD/EXPIRED Heathen Muzzle Brake

    I’ll take this
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    140 target vld 6.5

    I’ll take these pending pm
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    SWFA 1-6x24

    Sold to Pete FARR
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    SWFA 1-6x24

    Looking to let go of an as new SWFA 1-6x24 lpvo with the First Focal Plane Illuminated Donut (Circle/Mil-Scale) reticle. This was on a backup rifle and has less than 100 rounds under it. The optic is in perfect condition and comes with everything it came with new as well as the ADM ad-recon QD...
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    Free CPS to worthy home.

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    7mm-08 ammo

    If that’s $60 total I’ll take em.
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    6.5 PRC Brass

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    6.5 PRC Brass

    I don’t have any of these but I sent you a PM
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    6.5 PRC Brass

    I’ve got everything for my project except for brass. Interested in ADG, Bertram, and Nosler. Willing to pay a reasonable premium. I’m not willing to pay Gunbroker prices. Thanks.
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    Tikka Bolt (.473) and 6.5 CM barrel

    I wish it was a bit heavier. Glws.
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    Tikka Bolt (.473) and 6.5 CM barrel

    Is that .63 at the muzzle?
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    Tikka Bolt (.473) and 6.5 CM barrel

    What’s the barrel contour? If it’s a CTR I’ll take it.
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    I’ll take that 7mm-08 set.
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    Legit Company>??

    I cross-checked this number against local businesses in Brentwood TN and didn’t find anything, that leads me to believe that it’s a VoIP number.