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    Montana or Wyoming for Prairie Dogs

    Montana is a good choise. They have'nt caved in to the anti's when to wee ones are commin out of their holes. A little homework will have you shootin. Locals are friendly and point you toward any neighbors with dog towns. Lots of gophers too... Use to shoot chucks around Twin Falls. Its not like...
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    I almost got to use my load at 800 yds yesterday.

    Not if he was in my scope or any where close. Regardless of skill! Now... If he was in the bottom of a draw and I was well above him. I'd be shootin! I've had the pleasure of taking out a number of young hunters. Not insinuating you are young. . I mean 8yrs and up. Nothing quite like...
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    300 Remington Ultra Mag Sendero SF Newbie

    wvhunter Harris bipods are great. I have three. I don't know what the cover is like where you hunt, but don't forget about the stoney point shooting stix. Maybe a 9 to 13 harris and 36" to 72" stoney's for a walking stick for those shots were the grass is long. Happy hunting!
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    long range on a budget

    DANTEC:Sounds like a guy could get carried away with a sport like this. I'll probably suffer with the shorter tube for now,but who knows what the future holds. I'd hoped to keep it as simple as possible.Glass bed,float barrel, trigger job. That sort of work for now. Have lots of time for load...
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    long range on a budget

    Thanks DANTEC.I have read many good things about savage and seen them shoot very well at the range. I do not own one. Been very tempted though. I have many remingtons. They all shoot. A couple exceptionally well. I did have to send back my last 223. Very rough chamber. Rem rebarreled it and had...
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    long range on a budget

    Thanks for the reply Len. The article I read that in was shooting times. The test rifles were a 2000 lazz 27" 6 groove 1:12 twist vs TRG-S w/26" 4 groove 1:11.They state that the 4 groove 1:11 seems to be consistantly slower than the 6 g 1:12. Sako uses that barrel because they feel the 4 groove...
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    long range on a budget

    Hello everyone! I'm new to this sight and finding it a wealth of information. I am a 7mag freak,but want to take a step up. I thought maybe a .308 warbird in a TRG-S or a Rem. Sendero in 300RUM. The 700 BDL will save me a pound because I am quite mobile,but the heavier rifle will probably help...