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    For those with a Mark 5HD...question on mounts

    Not sure on the hole spec on your anti? But I have some 35mm that went on a Lonepeak/stiller that I need to get rid of.
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    6.5, 8 twist proof carbon 26”

    SPF to 240weatherby
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    6.5, 8 twist proof carbon 26”

    Price change
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    6.5, 8 twist proof carbon 26”

    I have a Sendero light 26 inch finished length $655 shipped Venmo or PayPal ff.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Trigger tech special

    Hey I just wanted to give you an update so you’re not worrying I actually threw it the trigger in my truck the other day to take it to the post office and then I lost it in my truck it fell in the seat cushion I have a not shipped it yet I am planning on getting it shipped off in the morning if...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Trigger tech special

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    SOLD/EXPIRED Trigger tech special

    New never mounted. Has sat in safe. Remington or clones $175 shipped
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    Bergara Premier Highlander vs Christensen Arms Mesa

    Read reviews online or any forum for that matter and the choice should be simple. I won’t gamble with CA
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    Tikka t3x

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    Kahles 525i skmr3

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    Hawkins hybrid rings

    Ttt $70
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    Kahles 525i skmr3