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    How often do you use your gun in a year?

    My 37 year old son and I call it "recoil therapy", but we're usually out at the range 2 days a week shooting targets and steel out to 500 yds with our precision rifles. Pretty easy unless wind really acting up. We shoot out in the open desert to 1000 yds or more with our 2 338 LM rifles about...
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    Gunwerks G7 BR2 Rangefinder Review

    When will these be available in Mil format? New DTA SRS A1 with Vortex Razor HD 5-20X with 10 mil turrets and EBR-2B reticle! 260, 308 & 338 LM barrel conversions. Very sweet platform....
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    Custom Barrel Care at 17X By Jim See

    Since last August, I have put about 1500 rounds through my 338 MRAD Lapua Magnum. I only clean after 200-300 rounds or when my accuracy starts to drop. Cleaning is a breeze ( I think due to break in mentioned in this article), using only 5-7 patches with BoreTech Eliminator cleaning both...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Nightforce -- BEAST

    They definitely hold their value. BEAST may be overkill for me too. I guess I'll find out. Both March can focus down to less than 10 yards. Novel bullet proof zero stop. Two good reviews on SnipersHide Forum-one from Fireguyti and another review by Ilya. Both reviews compare to other...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Nightforce -- BEAST

    I don't hunt but shoot long range targets regularly. I love FFP and mil/mil and my 2 favorite scopes are my March F 3-24 42mm and March FX 5-40 56mm. 2/3 rds the length and weight of other premium scopes. All the right features and very durable, plus reasonably priced for what you get. 10%...
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    SWFA SS quality?

    SWFA SS good optics and durable scopes as are Vortex products. Both with excellent customer service. SS line is great value for the price. Have been used for prolonged periods on 50 cal weapons without problems. As with most things you get what you pay for, especially with optics depending...
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    FFP or SFP Please vote

    You guys might want to check out the March F 3-24 42mm or the March FX 5-40 56mm scopes. Both FFP, mil/mil with great reticles. Solidly built and much smaller and lighter than other premium scopes. Parallex focus to 10 meters. Nonilluminated versions are $2260 and $3200, respectively...
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    Recommendations needed

    You should be able to use your Monarch for the classes to 1000 yards, but would probably need to install a 30 or 40 MOA rail to give you enough adjustment for that distance, since the scope only has 32 MOA of elevation travel. Lots of good information on LR shooting on Snipers Hide forum with...
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    Greeting from Arizona

    Always great to hear from other Arizona shooters. I agree lots of good information on this site.
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    Greeting from Arizona

    Jason, I am off weekends and Tuesdays, but pretty tied up for the next 2 weeks. Give me a call on my cell (602) 695-5958 and I'm certain we can find a good time we can agree on. Been maried 43 years, so know about the wife. I'm easy as I believe that family always needs to come first, so if...
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    Which type of Long Range Shooting do you practice most?

    Just started LR shooting five months ago for a hobby, since I am near retirement and never liked golf. This has definitely been an adventure with all the available information and opinions on the internet. At 64 years young, might eventually transition to some competition. Hunted when younger...
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    Greeting from Arizona

    I'd be happy to meet you out at Usary Pass with a few of my weapons to try out. Went crazy and first purchased the Barret MRAD 338 and the cost of training ammo was eating me alive, so purchased a Rem 700r 308 custom and love it. Probably the best way to go, if you're not doing competition...
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    Check out RW Snyder Gunsmithing in Iowa. I purchased one of his used Custom Rem 700r 308 rifles on Snipers Hide Forum and he has been very responsive and helpful. He has Custom Rem 700r's starting at $1500 and you can add the goodies for additional fees. Tack driver- shoots better than me.
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    Defective Nightforce NXS?

    Never owned one. I use the Leupold MK4 also and never had an issue, but sure sounds like your issues are related to your scope and would send it in for check. Good luck.
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    What is your preferred scope adjustment calibration?

    Mil/mil seems easier and more precise as mentioned above, but I'm new to LR shooting and did not have MOA concept burned into my brain, so easier for me to grasp the mil/mil concept. Both are effective for LR shooting. Good luck with whichever you choose.