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    Weird stuff @ the range...

    Couple of years ago, working up a varmint load for the 7mm, 100hp, and a ground hog runs out from the side of the range, right in front of the 100yd berm. Stunned silence from a crowded line, then one person opened up on him and then a few more. About 4 shots hit all around him, so he decided...
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    My View of Stainless Media Cleaning

    I found out over thousands of rounds polished, that you can't have too much dawn, or in other words, the measurement isn't critical. You want to have some suds on the top of the water when you open it up. If not, add a little more the next time. But lemishine on the other hand is more...
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    My View of Stainless Media Cleaning

    The poster above is correct on differing ph levels of the local water. I have found that a cold rinse is better to keep from tarnishing the brass, after tumbling. Also, my experience has been that too much lemishine will do this also. And not much over the normal amount will cause the...
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    My View of Stainless Media Cleaning

    I have been doing the stainless method for a few months now. Here are my observations. I have the older Thumlers tumbler. There is a difference in the motors, as the older ones are 1550 rpm. The newer ones are 3000rpm. You can buy a new motor for your old tumbler, they run about $55. Mine...
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    Give Away Contest - Huskemaw Blue Diamond 3-12 Rifle Scope

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    Give Away Contest - 2 Nikon Prostaff 4-12x40 Rifle Scopes

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    Winner Chosen - Next Drawing is February 1st for Swarovski Riflescopes

    Please enter me in the Swarovski riflescope/cameraland drawing.
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    GIVE AWAY CONTEST - "How To Dope The Wind - Beyond Belief" Video

    Enter me in the How to Dope the wind-Beyond Belief Video contest
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    Berger Bullets Give Away Contest

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    What is your favorite .300RUM load?

    Since I last wrote that first post, I have shot two does, both about 130lbs. Both shot in the ribs, and both dropped where they stood. Never took a step or even kicked. They dropped as quick as the neck shots. I broke ribs on both of them, both on the entry and exit. The first one had...
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    SST and Balistic Tips on deer. A good choice?

    I shoot the Hornady 165 SST in my 300RUM, but have loaded it down, to save some barrel life and so my dad can shoot it. We hunt VA whitetails here, but don't have anyplace that we can get over a 250yd shot, so I don't need the long range reach with it. For longer ranges or elk out west, I load...
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    130 VLD Grenade **Graphic Pic**

    Wow. In my 40yrs of hunting, I have never seen anything close to that. And that includes deer shot with a 7mmRemMag and a 120HP at near max velocity. My 300RUM with 165SSTs don't even do that. Still, looks like a great hunting trip.
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    Zeiss vs. Leupold

    You might also give the new Redfields a look. They are made on the same assembly line and by the same techs as the Leupolds. This is since Leupold bought them out. There was a recent article in one of the gun magazines about this. They carry the same warranty for life as Leupold. Look them...
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    Zeiss vs. Leupold

    My rifles all have either Zeiss Conquests or Leupolds on them. I have a Conquest 3x9x40 on my .300RUM and its holding up fine, for the last 7 years. I have shot several boxes of bullets through it, so its had some use. And I reload, so a box isn't 20, its 100. I have never broken any...
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    What is your favorite .300RUM load?

    Since I hunt the little white tails here in VA, big ones are around 175 dressed, but the norm is around 120, I worked up a load using the 165gr Hornady SST, and Retumbo powder. It is a slightly reduced load, since my dad wanted to use it, and I didn't want to pound his shoulder. It will shoot...