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    Remington updates?

    All they have to do is come up with a better bluing on their cheap rifles and shotguns, add some QC and maybe work a deal with Timney or Triggertech and ditch the X mark.
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    1 in 12 in 308

    I got my start into long range shooting with a 1-12 twist 308 win. It absolutely loved 168 Sierra Match Kings and the 168 Hornady AMax. I got useable accuracy with 175 and 180s but it definitely shot best with 168's.
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    For Sale Vortex Razor HDLH 2-10 40mm

    Where are you located in MT?
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    Sig cross barrel options

    Hangfires as a result of the trigger mechanism.
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    Sig cross barrel options

    As far as I know, there's nobody making barrels for the Cross yet. Also, they issued a recall on all Sig Cross rifles a few days ago.
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    For Sale Want to trade CCI 200's for CCI 250's.

    Bump. Also have a brick of Wolf Small Rifle Primers and a brick of Wolf Small Rifle Magnums
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    How much to adjust the scope to shoot 500 yards?

    MO Minute of Angle(MOA) is an angular measurement. When converting into inches at a given distance, it's value will change. At 100 yards the value of 1 MOA is 1.047". At 200 yards 1 MOA is now 2.094". At 300 yards 1 MOA is 3.141". This trend continues indefinitely. Most scopes that are...
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    New to forum... Already need help with base choice for new rifle and scope...

    Like the other guys I too prefer a pic rail. I run a warn mountain tech rail on my light rifle. I think they're worth a look.
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    Want to get into reloading -- kit recommendations?

    Natchez Shooters Supply has the RCBS Rebel Master Kit in stock and on sale for $394 right now. In these weird and scarce times you may not have many other options if you want it now. The Rebel is essentially a beefed up Rock Chucker. If I was making to look the dive right now for magnum rifle...
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    For Sale H4350 midsouth right now

    Still? The one pounders have been in stock since 1015 mountain time. Might be a record.
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    For Sale Varget in stock at Midsouth

    I got in for 8 too.
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    For Sale Varget in stock at Midsouth

    It's a good day.
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    For Sale Varget in stock at Midsouth

    H4350 in stock too at 1017 mountain
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    For Sale Varget in stock at Midsouth

    8lbers in stock at 0957 mountain
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    Help with long range stock selection

    For me the Game Hunter does feel a bit blocky in my hand with the forearm being that wide. I do have rather large hands so It may be more exaggerated for someone with average or small hands. Overall I don't feel like its shape is detrimental to taking quick off hand shots.