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    Ruger No. 1

    Ruger No. 1's get most of the attention, but the Winchester/Browning 1885 High Wall is the better choice in single shot rifles. Better accuracy, better trigger, and better finish. I have a factory stock Winchester 1885 High Wall in .325WSM, which puts 5 shots of factory ammo into 3/4."...
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    Need some help identifying grandfather's collection

    Beautiful gun! While it is at the gunsmith for the trigger, might as well have him do a chamber cast so there is no doubt what the cartridge is.
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    Oh my surely not

    Mr. Spomer's article was a good comparison piece. Nothing more. Nothing less.
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    Why do people hate Browning Firearms so much

    Interesting thread. Thanks for popping it back to the top.
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    Hammer bullets stabilization

    Good points on the wind drift and the longer ranges - heavier would be better for those aspects. I would say for sub-500 yd ranges, though, the lighter copper bullets would be a better choice than the heavier copper bullets.
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    Hammer bullets stabilization

    When people who have been shooting lead bullets transition over to all-copper bullets, they frequently bring the "lead mindset" with them, which is "heavier is better." I know I had that thinking when I made the change to copper bullets. Lead shooters have to think this way because a lead...
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    .270wcf vs 6.8 Western & 270 WSM

    "At best the 6.8 & 270 wsm add 200 fps over a .270wcf." 270Win is a great cartridge, but, nonetheless, bumping up speed by 200fps is a significant gain. And, if you put a long heavy bullet in a 270Win SAAMI-spec chamber, your gonna lose some powder capacity. Maybe this is what the author was...
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    Fierce Fury 300 RUM

    Do you know what the barrel twist is?
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    Official Hammer bullets Terminal Performance (picture heavy)

    I really wanted to find that bullet! Not surprising, though, that it wasn't in there. Yeh, I scrutinized the 'ol poop chute and the baby-maker for any signs of an unnatural exit. And, since that was the logical place for the shank to exit, I looked all around the rump. It all looked normal...
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    Official Hammer bullets Terminal Performance (picture heavy)

    Addendum to my post #157, above: When I couldn't find an exit wound on the antelope, I scooped all the guts into a 50gal trash bag and took them home. I just spent about 45 minutes cutting the guts into small pieces and running them through my hands feeling for a hard lump. I was hoping to...
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    Official Hammer bullets Terminal Performance (picture heavy)

    gsp2west - let us know how things go. And let us know if you have any questions about loading and shooting the Hammer bullets. The unofficial "Hammer Bullet community" is small, but it includes some very knowledgable hand loaders and hunters who are very willing to help. In case you weren't...
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    Official Hammer bullets Terminal Performance (picture heavy)

    Here's an entry wound on a big antelope doe. Stats are: Perfect length-wise shot, middle of chest entry. Distance was 68 yards. .30 cal. Hammer Hunter 124gn .300WSM, muzzle velocity was 3550 Calculated impact velocity was 3370 No exit wound. Upon the shot, the doe collapsed in tracks like the...
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    25-06 AI and 67 grain Shock Hammer

    That'll turn a coyote inside-out.
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    New Powder Thrower

    Congratulations on the new Autothrow/Autotrickler. The Autothrow/Auotrickler is a huge time saver and reducer of tedium. I can not imagine loading without one.
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    I have both a Forster Coax and the MEC Marksman. Both are great presses. If you want to de-prime on your press, the Coax has a very clean de-priming system. The primer is contained 100% from extraction all the way into the sealed waste cup. There's no residue getting anywhere on the press...