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    Cooper 54 6.5 Creedmoor

    is that a detachable magazine? can't quite tell in pic
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    guys...this is an awesome scope. i have one myself. glass is super nice, no complaints, and the price is a no brainer
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    Side Arm for Grizzly Country

    as fast as a griz can run, along with the fact that few people can shoot any handgun accurately in very stressful situations, leaves not much choice. having been around a few dozen moose kills in bear country, we always have a shotgun with slugs handy after a moose is down.
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    Talk me out of getting Swarovski EL 10x42’s

    i have the swaro EL range model. i also have meopta 10-42 binocs. the meoptas, without a doubt, are the best buy in binoc's today IF you do not need a rangefinder. my meopta's are every bit as great as the swaro's. try them side by side, .......very impressive. if you must have built in...
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    Too late to start?

    do you tell her what to do also? sheesh
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    Looking for Z5 swaro

    i have one...5-25. does not have bt. send me a message
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    Is US Optics the real deal?

    The new kahles 318 is the one I like. anybody who has one let us know how its worked out
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    looks like a straight scope body, would that be correct?
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    Schmitt & Bender feedback

    I have to say...I have a few sb's, and also 5 trijicons. they are very close if not equal to the sb's. excellent for less than half the dollars. the kahles, as other have said, are also top tier. have one of those
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    Swaro el range.

    no doubt, I cant believe this is still for sale.....
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    Swaro el range.

    for those guys on the fence....these are the ultimate in 10 x 42's. i have one, and never regretted one penny. this is a great price on these also. you will wonder how you ever got along without them.
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    Kahles cl 3-10x50 multi-zero scope

    ahhh, now I see that in the photo. I have a z5 with ballistic turret, thanks
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    Zeiss victory v8 4.8-35x60 with avs and 60 reticle

    bumping for one of the most advanced scopes on the market...Zeiss's best
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    Kahles cl 3-10x50 multi-zero scope

    can you tell me(us) what a multi zero scope is? I have not heard that before. I am a big fan of kahles products, their products are impeccable. thanks in advance for info...
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    Swarovski z5 5-25

    these are capped

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