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    My new license plate

    QUIET HUNTER I can't argue with you on that one. It should say the Republic Of Kalifornia
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    My new license plate

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    springfield armory scopes

    Springfield scopes in my opinion lack quality, I got rid of both of mine and went with Zeiss and Leupold. Both of my springfield scopes fell apart, the turret knobs came off of my 10x and the 6.5x20 3rd gen did the same and was like looking through a coke can compared to the zeiss and Leupold...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Sold:.30cal Sierra MK's, & .30cal Nosler BT Bullets *pics

    Re: Sold:.30cal Sierra MK\'s, & .30cal Nosler BT Bullets *pics I want the 168g MK's, send mailing info so that I can send you a money order.
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    Badger rings on Farrell base

    Kens Bases will work great with your rings, go for it why spend twice the money, wait till you see the quality of kens stuff you won't be disapointed.
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    Ken Farrell bases,do you bed?

    I have two of Kens bases a 30MOA and a 20MOA both bases fit both of my guns perfect. No bedding needed, they have not moved since installed, I did use blue loctite on the screws though. Kens bases are well made and well worth the money he gets for them.
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    Zeiss Conquest 6.5-20x50AO Riflescope

    That's the best price iv'e seen on that scope I paid $690 for mine. You are going to love that scope, up, down and sideways always dead nuts, here's mine sitting in ARMS #22 rings on my AI.
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    Harris bipod on A2 stock

    Cut a couple of pieces of leather about 3/8 wide and glue them onto the contact rails with contact cement. That should fill in the gaps and also protect your stock finish.
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    Your favorite long range rifle pic.

    Accracy International 308, 5 shot groups at 100yards on the same day
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    Let's talk 6.5x284

    Let\'s talk 6.5x284 My new stick currently in production, Krieger 28 in 1-81/2 twist fluted #17 contour, Blueprinted Remi 700 long action, badger lug and bolt handle, Sako extractor,Williams floor plate, Pillar bedded into a Mcmillan A5 stock 50% black, 25% grey, 25% OD green, sporting the new...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Remington and Bushnell/SOLD

    Everything is sold, Regards Steve
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Remington and Bushnell/SOLD

    Bushnell sold
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Remington and Bushnell/SOLD

    Long action walnut hunter stock two scratches right side of the stock other than that like brand new. $50 + shipping 30-06 takeoff barrel factory test fired only $50 + shipping Bushnell Trophy 3x9x40 with Leupold long action base and med rings, Like new. $75 + shipping [ 09-08-2003: Message...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Want to buy 6.5-284 dies

    I'm building a 6.5-284 right now just need dies. Let me know if you are interested in selling them.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Want to buy 6.5-284 dies

    Any one got any used 6.5-284 dies that are collecting dust.