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    .280 Remington Load Data for Barnes 145 g LRX

    I didn’t give ai data as he had regular 280 rem
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    Need Bore Cleaning Neutralizer recipe, Thank you!

    I tested dozens of bore cleaners, spent hundreds of $. It came down to 10-15 strokes of a bronze brush soaked with Flitz LIQUID polish followed by dry patches until clean. I follow this with a wet patch of EEZOX, let that soak 30 minutes and dry patch. EEZOX is an awesome rust preventive. Every...
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    .280 Remington Load Data for Barnes 145 g LRX

    My Barnes #4 manual doesnt show the 145 LRX but the max load for the 140 gr with H4831SC is 55.0 gr and 57 gr of Reloder 22 is shown as max in standard 280 Rem RL-22 and H4831 shot best in my 280AI with 145 LRX
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    Reloader 26 in 6.5 creedmoor

    RL-26 is a dense powder so more can be fit in the cases. It drives 100 gr over 3300 on my 257ai and no pressure signs at all. Just happened to hit a sweet node at 3325. The burn speed was too slow to work in my 250 ai though but RL-16 worked great hitting a node at 3050 and no pressure signs...
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    Hornady is my only source for 250 Savage brass.
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    what is going on with primers ???

    I dont think the problem is the guy who shoots a lot, its the panic buying and the guy who buys it up @ $32/1000 and resell for $60+/1000
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    Vertical stringing

    Could it be a neck tension variation? Has the brass been annealed? I had a similar problem so I annealed and it improved a lot. I then tried removing the expander ball from my die and ran the cases over an expander mandrel and the problem disappeared.
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    Winchester staball 6.5 power

    Vihtavouri recently came out with N-555 which was engineered just for CM.
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    Staball Powder

    Interesting. I get accuracy under .5 and single digit numbers in my 250ai which is similar to the CM. Hard to beat H4350 in CM anyway. My son has a 6.5CM and his shoots .1 with RL-16. Every rifle has its own personality.
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    RL26 and cold temps

    RL-26 and 16 both have decoppering agents and in my rifles using barnes bullets i get zero copper with a dry bore and minimal carbon. After I clean, I wet a patch with EEzox, run it thru, let it sit 30 minutes and dry patch out and then dry patch chamber. No rust and no oil
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    Staball Powder

    I've had the same results. RL-16 seems to work well in any application where 4350 works. Good luck on your hunts this year
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    Higher than expected velocities

    Could be a number of things. Is your barrel longer than their test barrels? Do you have 5R rifling, brass, etc. If you dont have any pressure signs, I wouldnt be concerned as your rifle is different than the test rifles. Hodgdon data seems a bit conservative too. Every rifle is different.
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    Staball Powder

    Never tried the Staball but ball powders and double base powders in general are quite temp sensitive. During testing in my 243ai using H-414 I got HUGE pressure spikes and loads were just too unpredictable so I scrapped it and havent used it since. Another powder you might want to try is Reloder...
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    what is going on with primers ???

    I contacted CCI about a week ago asking where all the primers were, thinking maybe they had shutdown over the virus and was told they were working 24/7. Someone buying them up. I recall a guy on another forum saying he had bought 8000.
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    22 creedmoor

    The 22 CM is essentially is 22-250ai with a 30* shoulder. I use 25 CM brass sized in a 250AI die in my 250AI. Perhaps Hornady marketing reinventing the wheel?

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