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    Savage build recomendations

    Also, I'm building this rifle entirely myself. So it has to be threaded and chambered.
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    Savage build recomendations

    I was thinking about a Shilen barrel or one of Sin-arms. I know sin-arms is a sponsor here, so Im hoping there are some owners on here also. I wish that Benchmark had a website, I like to look at pictures!
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    Savage build recomendations

    Ok I got my Savage model 11 action and am ready to build it into a fine mid range rifle. Im looking for good barrel makers that can make me a 20" barrel chambered in 7mm-08 with a large shank. Anybody know where to start.
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    Re: WTS: Brand new 7mm-08 savage take off Does a stevens barrel work directly on a savage?
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    7MM Mag & 168 VLDs, any good loads out there?

    im using 67.5 grains of H1000 with cci primers and seating them .010 off the lands. my best group was 5 shots for .338". i tried reloader22 but didnt get anything better than about 2 inch groups. btw 67.5 gr is the max recommended load. funny thing is that im getting groups that barely...
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    My Long Range Gun Build

    thats good to hear tank. i was just thinking how i wanted to build a short barrel rifle, with a 20" or shorter. is yours an AR, or is that a bolt gun.
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    BIG Wyoming Pronghorn Antelope

    i sure do like wyoming. where is that at?
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    iron sights on a shotgun?

    i want to put iron sights on a shotgun. i have watched a video from midway usa where larry put sights on a rifle barrel. and i was wondering if this could be done to a HR TOPPER. model 158
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    hey jarhead i live in rapid city also and i would like to network with some local...

    hey jarhead i live in rapid city also and i would like to network with some local shooters/hunters. im realatively new to this but i have a lot of interest so let me know if you want to talk.
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    South Dakotans! Where you at?

    yea for sure.
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    South Dakotans! Where you at?

    im here in rapid city. working my way up to long range. started customizing my rifle. i dont shoot any competition or at any organized shooting ranges. but i have found plenty of spots to shoot long range if your not afraid to walk a little bit, and you dont care about score just want to...
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    Need help gun shooting 2 foot high

    this is absolutely true i just went through this. while getting my rifle zero'd i was having trouble getting shells to load. so i took my rifle apart and reset the mag. when i went back to shooting it was so far off i couldnt call it. so i took the rifle back apart the mag was not correctly...
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    Winners Chosen - Next Drawing is March 31st for Zeiss Sports Optics

    Enter me in the Zeiss Sports Optics drawing
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    new stock

    first let me clear this up it is an older model sandero with the single swivel stud and rounded forend. thanks montana rifleman. ok today i took the barrel and action out and sanded out the forend, very successfully, thanks guys. i had to find a washer for my sling swivel stud so it was no...
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    new stock

    B&C vs others this thread is getting off track what im asking is if you have a b&c stock do you like it? are you happy with the accuracy? does it completely float the barrel when you bolt it up first time? did you glass bed the action? i dont think that just because something costs more it is...

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