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    removing camo tape residue from fiberglass stock and barrel

    Go to an autobody store they have adhesive removers... u might have to soak rags and wrap it(outside preferably)
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    7mmSTW Picture Thread

    Very Nice!!! I just luv Stainless fluted ...i cant say no to them ...:)
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    Nosler Accubonds - Losing Their Tips

    I had the 338 rum snapping them ...i just thought it was from recoil in the mag box or from when they pop out of the magazine and into the chamber area in a steep incline...hmmmm my 340 was snapping the tipped triple shocks too
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    7mmSTW Picture Thread

    not for every one... but was a lil project i worked on,havent shot it yet . Boyds pro varmint and a rem SPS with factory brake my first cerakote project
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    7STW Accumark

    Very Nice...Congrats!!!
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    Rem 700 SPS question

    just for reference i was sandblasting mine for ceraokte and low and behold it is screwd on...
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    Rem 700 BDL 7mm STW follower different?

    this yep... the cut out is opposite of the regular way adl bdl
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    more Senderos

    so i got a couple more added to collection and i purchased my first Sendero II in 300 mag so far 7Rem Mag,7STW,7RUm,300RSAUM,300WIN MAG,300WTHBY MAG,300RUM,338RUM Whats missing??? 7RSAUM and was there a 375RUM made??
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    100gr Sierra HP .284

    i took one at 75 yards ,,,it puffed up and fell over when the bullet hit.. small hole in and the bullet never exited... they were leaving at 3998 + &- 4008
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    Finally a factory Rem 700 30-06 Sendero?

    omg,, what did they do.. that thing looks fugly to me ,,,lol
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    What kills barrel life on bigger magnums?

    Giggle switch ,,,lol,, i like that. #1 reason in my mind too
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    Original sendero question?

    Thanks fer sharing ,,,she is a bute....might have to add one (or 2)of them if i ever see one... what letter does the serial number start with ????
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    Original sendero question?

    wow .that is a rarity,,,,, and looks like the early HS spatter job...where were they made??? never even seen them offered up here....retail for the SF`s was 899.00 back in 1998...we are paying 800 ish for a modified and up to 1200 for factory condition...
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    Original sendero question?

    there was 2 places of manufacture for the Sendero SF`s,,could it be possible the ones not stamped NY could be these diffrent runs??? also i noted that the ones stamped "warning read free instruction booklet " made in NY are stamped Sendero after Cal designation... i have the 7rem mag and two...
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    Remington sendero ?

    i didnt have a key for my first j-lock and of course, curious mind had to play with it and it went "click' i just ground a small flat screw driver to make it skinny and then grinded a small angle on the blade part to push the spring in and turn ,,,was kinda easy actually there is no need...