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    How much torque

    Look at some of the stuff on line. It is recommended to use a piece of rubber inner tube or electrical tape to hold it into position so your not stressing the action while the bedding compound sets up. You will need to have screws with no heads in the action to position it while setting in the...
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    rem 700 220 swift

    PM sent
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    A question about bumping the shoulder?

    Check out Dave Manson’s cartridge comparitor, come with 4 gage blocks to cover the majority common cases. Very easy to set up and use.
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    Labradar Help

    I set mine about 5” In front and 2” to the side. Any more than 2-3” to the side and it won’t pick up the shot.
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    First time with a Manson reamer!!

    You can’t go wrong with a Manson reamer. Dave is a perfectionist and has been know to personally do the finish grind on his reamers.
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    Best scope for the money

    Leupold VX-3 is a great scope , you can pick up a used one for a good price, life time warranty, you can have the reticle changed for $100 if you don’t find the one you want. Good customer service.
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    Fs/ft 338 edge Stiller, Brux, HS, Jewel

    Do you have targets or group size info?
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    Advice on custom chamber options or just stick with SAAMI

    Reach out to Dave Manson at Manson custom reamers, he is very knowledgeable and great to talk to. These type of questions are right up his alley!
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    Fs/ft 338 edge Stiller, Brux, HS, Jewel

    Is it chambered for VLD style bullets?
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    Specific Hornady ELD-X Performance

    I have taken several African Plains game with 208 ELDM in 300 RUM white very good performance. Killed a Kudu at 325yrs, quarting away and the bullet passed though. Internals were mush with minimal meat damage, went about 40 yards. Look up Nathen Foster’s work he has done on long range bullet...
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    Sell or trade 338 barrel with mbm beast 5 port brake installed $300

    I am interested in your barrel for use on 700 action currently chambeeed for 300 RUM. Will the barrel for a 700 action?
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    300 RUM

    And I’m using 215M primers
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    300 RUM

    Good luck on your new rifle. I am shooting 208 ELDM with 90.5g H1000, at 3095 FPS. I agree with the getting a break, it is no fun on the beach without one.
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    Savage GRS Berserk Stock

    Pm sent
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    Help choosing a do-all scope

    I have not tracked the scope. On my list of things to do.

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