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    Savage 111 LRH 6.5-284 Loading Questions

    Do any of you guys shoot the 142gr sierras? And if so what do you recommend for seating depth in regards to the lands? I'm loading at .5 off the lands and getting groups that measure .400. So if I wanted to try improving that grouping should I load closer to the lands or back off a little more?
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    load data for 6.5x.284 Norma

    Thanks for sharing the page I appreciate the help.
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    load data for 6.5x.284 Norma

    Thanks guys I appreciate the help. I've got 4 more loads I need to test yet and then im going to look at other options. Do any of you have a preference for bullets? I've always used sierra and nosler, but I've read good things about berger and lapua among others.
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    load data for 6.5x.284 Norma

    Hey everyone I'm new to the page and currently looking for help getting a load for my 6.5 284. I am using sierra matchking 142gr HPBT, HodgDon H4350, CCI bench rest primers, and Norma brass. I've tried several of the recommended loads in sierras loading manual but haven't had much luck. So I...