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    Want To Buy NEED 300 WM BRASS

    Any interest in RWS?
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    For Sale Manners LA LRHs

    LA in the title… SA in the description??
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    Chambering for short barreled build

    All the pieces and parts are in…mesa, lone peak mid, Hawkins hunter, bix n andy, carbon six will finish 21”. Can is a few month out… was figuring on a 7 SAUM but no joy on brass for months now… so may sort hornady brass and go 7WSM… Manners LRH mid on order… maybe give up and order a 6.5 barrel...
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    Can you eat CWD deer

    What if the deer has Covid, is asymptomatic but wearing a mask? Is it ok then?
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    Meplat trimming pf Nosler 180 Grn Partitions

    trimming will have zero benefit at hunting ranges… you may actually slow up expansion and have a negative impact… you might improve the consistency of BCs but you’ll reduce it to the point you would want it for longer ranges… pictures is first quality uncoated 308 180 partition
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    New guy from Florida

    Welcome from TX… you can hunt deer with a scattergun? I thought those were for birds, rattlesnakes and intruders… learn something new everyday day😄
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    Poor Dallas… the Rodney Dangerfield of the gun trade… nice freak’n rifle… too bad I blew my life savings on lotto tickets😄
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    300 Norma Mag improved 245 berger EOL load

    Thanks… What velocities/barrel length are you getting?
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    Badlands BD-2 load data

    What powder?
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    300 Norma Mag Improved. Follow along!!!

    Thanks… was going to use a Manners EH1 but I let the smith talk me into the Alpine… glad he did. 1st Atlas… jury’s still out. Hot miserable day… but forming looks good… I had a bunch of 30 year old 180 coreloks and a couple lbs of 20 yo n170 I figured I’d rid myself of… I’ve got 230 & 245...
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    300 Norma Mag Improved. Follow along!!!

    And you’re a bad influence… this just together, 300 NMI 30* shoulder… was at the range fro 8 hours yesterday breaking in the barrel and fire forming… on a 103* day Atlas Tac 338 Benchmark CF 1:9 26” AG Alpine Box n Andy Hawkins Hunter TI Pro
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    300 Norma Mag Improved. Follow along!!!

    You shot 2 groups .2mil apart with a he 225 and chalked it up as shoulder pressure… that or you might be contributing
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    300 Norma Mag improved 245 berger EOL load

    Any worked up a 245 EOL… velocity, powder, charge, shoulder… mine is a 30* but please share regardless
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    Badger Ordnance 30mm High Rings