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    SOLD/EXPIRED Custom 700----6.5-284

    where are you located?
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    US Optics $1,000 Spotting Scope Give Away Contest

    Enter Me In The US Optics Spotting Scope Contest Thanks
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    Free Nightforce NXS 3.5-15x56 Scope - Drawing

    What state(s) do you hunt big game in most often? I have only hunted in Wyoming so far, but am planning hunts in Idaho and Montana with family What is your primary long range hunting cartridge? 300 RUM -------------------------------------- Regarding your primary long range hunting...
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    Wyoming Draw Results are up

    Zuba, I'm hunting area 90 type 1 and 6 this year. It's a bit of a drive from home but odds were good and it's kind of a half way between my parents and myself.
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    Wyoming Draw Results are up

    I finally managed to draw a buck tag (first time in 5 years for home area). Now if I could get the moose and elk drawings to cooperate :P
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    Barnes's Tests Prove Why Berger Hunting VLDs Are So Successful By Eric Stecker

    I finally had a chance to read the articles in question and this discussion, which were all good reading. I'd like to thank everyone for sharing their oppinions and share one of my own on the barnes article. When anyone on this sight decides to do some bullet testing we will work up a load...
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    Who chooses to hunt with only binocs - no spotting scope?

    I have a pair of brunton 15x51's that I use a lot here in Wyoming for deer and elk hunting and plan to use on speed goats if I can draw a buck tag. These binoculars are comfortable to pack all day and work excellent for viewing across a canyon. I keep them in my pack during any long hike and...
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    long range gear/rifle suggestions

    sounds to me like you have a great starting point. Start by working up a load with some of the bullets others on the sight might recomend as I have no experience with the 338's. Bergers and the nosler accubonds tend to get high remarks. My rifles prefer either bergers or the Hornady...
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    Wolf rules change in WY

    lobby groups why is it that every time something changes in the way things are done with game management there is a lawsuit filed by these lobbyists that don't ever come close to having an encounter with the subjects of the suit?
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    How far have you stretched the .17 HMR

    stretching the HMR I have shot mine out to 325 at tagets and their energy is very low by the time they get out there. Any wind at all will throw you off of a 2' x 2' box and the bullet will stop before going all the way through wadded up newspapers in the box. Amazingly the 17 grain hornady...
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    I was successful in Wyoming antelope draw

    congrats to those of you who drew in WY. I didn't even get a doe tag this year, which really surprised me since they usually sale them over the counter in this area. Good luck to you all and let me know if you need help with scouting in this part of the prairie.
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    WY/MT/ID trip recomendations

    yellowstone in late may/early june If we have a good winter parts of the park may be inaccessable without oversnow accomidations in may. The nice part of coming early like this is lack of tourists like you see after July 1. If you enjoy hiking I would recomend you take at least a few days...
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    video Camera?

    thanks for the help timberbeast
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    video Camera?

    I have finally decided that I would like to start videoing some of my scouting and practice sessions so I can show some of my family and friends what is happening and I can actually see what I am doing and possibly improve some things. I know that I want a High optical zoom and image...
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    Ultimate LRH Lens

    nice Let's go on a photo safari. I'll pack the camera if you'll pack that lens