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    Best way to give a long, heavy-barreled rifle good balance?

    I've gone with the melted wax approach and had no issues, plus it can be undone later if need be. I used #4 buckshot (.24") and added 5 lbs to the back of a varmint rifle of mine- works like a charm.
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    Winchester primers rupturing. Help!

    Wow, guys haha thanks for the responses now! In my experience, I had a couple more occurrences of ruptured primers since, but no serious damage. When I contacted Winchester, they were very apologetic and gave me contact info get the primers replaced and gun repaired. Unfortunatey, I didn't wind...
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    243 Win bullet for fur

    Honestly, I haven't found any bullet that is easy on fur 100% of the time. I've shot the 55gr BST, 58gr VMAX, 70gr NBT, 80gr TTSX, 85gr SGK, and 95gr NBT out of my Weatherby Vanguard on our big Saskatchewan coyotes. The only one that NEVER got ugly was the 95gr Nosler Ballistic Tip Hunting...
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    A Few Dead Coyotes

    Ah, this is why I love LRH.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Zeiss Victory PRF 8X26 rangefinder- in Canada!

    Price drop! Zeiss Victory PRF 8X26 rangefinder- in Canada! Bump bump! price drop to $550
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    Need help with Mauser project- chamber work

    Thanks, guys! I de-barrelled, put a light chamfer in and touched up with 400 grit sandpaper, then rebarrelled. It's now slick as butter. Might be the smoothest gun I own, or at least tied with my polished and hand lapped M700.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTT: Bushnell Elite 3200 4-12X40AO w/Rainguard- in Canada

    Finished my custom Mauser 6.5X55 sporter, and I need a more compact scope for it, so I'd like to trade my Bushnell Elite 3200 4-12X40 AO for something a bit smaller. Pretty tough, has been on several rifles already, basic Duplex reticle, fingertip adjustable 1/4 minute clicks, adjustable...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Zeiss Victory PRF 8X26 rangefinder- in Canada!

    Hey, folks, I can finally shoot further than my Zeiss can range, so it's time for me to sell it and upgrade! Zeiss Victory PRF rangefinder for sale- very good condition. Advertised range is 1300 yards, but I have stretched it a bit further under good conditions on large targets such as...
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    Bias towards the Mauser action for long range hunting?

    As has been said here already, what matters is a good, precise lock up. If the action is true, and bedded into a good stock, all your accuracy is going to come from the barrel and ammunition. If you have it trued or lapped and a good trigger/firing pin (check out Blitzschnell or Speedlock...
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    Need help with Mauser project- chamber work

    Hey guys, I'm in the final stages of my custom Mauser 96 project. Today, I installed and headspaced the barrel. Test firing went well, as expected, but feeding is a bit of an issue. I used a 25" 1-9" twist Shilen prefit short chambered barrel. Now, the end of the barrel is cut square and...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED FS bartlein 338 edge barrel w/ dies

    What is the type of metal and finish on the barrel? Chrome moly, stainless?
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    Most consistent factory brass? Help.

    I'm from Canada, so getting anything gun-related across the border is very difficult.