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    May Try WY Antelope

    I like going early in the season but that's just me. You will deal with more people early on, but if you get off the 2 tracks some, it's not so bad. Most people won't leave their trucks. If you go early, have a plan to get the meat on ice quickly. Any of the calibers you mentioned will do great.
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    Congrats! I hope the two I have in jail get approved soon.
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    Scope rec's for 2 rifles

    The Leupold VX5HD 3-15x44 is a great all-around hunting scope. It would be my choice, if I was in your shoes.
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    Got the Official Numbers

    Outstanding! That's a great buck!
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    Terminus X2

    Very nice!
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    Let's see your Varmint rifles !

    The quintessential varmint rifle in my opinion. Classic!
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    Got er done in Wyoming

    Congratulations! Looks like you two had a great time.
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    25-06 still getting it done

    Such a great round. One of my favorites.
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    Kids in Texas

    Nice! Looks like they had a great time!
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    2020 whitetail buck

    That's one nice buck!
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    Is it just to early yet or are there NO 12ga turkey shells available FS anywhere?

    I did a bunch of patterning two years ago, to see what the gun liked. If it wasn't for that, I probably wouldn't have any.
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    New squirrel rifle

    Congratulations, that looks great!
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    That's my girl!

    Congratulations! The Ruger 7.62x39 has had me intrigued for sometime.
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    Good factory rifle?

    I'm currently a Tikka and Bergara fan, in that order. I do have several Howa's that have been great and would have no problem buying another.