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    Best caliber for shooting 500 to 2000 yds?

    Do you reload? That would mostly take "cheapest" out of the equation. If you're buying ammo, maybe 300 win mag? I haven't paid attention to ammo prices for a few years. My 6.5 creed does fine at a mile, but haven't gone further than that. I'd sling it at 2k, but I know my numbers and its going...
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    Opinions - Most Accurate $500 ish 22LR rifle

    Cz or tikka, take your pick. Tons of "which is better" threads out there, but based on what I've seen they come down to preferences based on ergos and aftermarket support.
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    Waterfowl focused pack?

    I've got lacrosse breathable waders. Granted, they're not as bad as neoprenes, but they're no where near as nice to walk in as my hunting boots. The waders aren't really the issue when packing in, they're not that heavy. The decoys aren't all that heavy either, really. The biggest issue is...
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    Not Camera Land's "Normal" SHOT Show Kickoff Post

    Reticle on the 1-10 looks great. Ill probably be upgrading one of my ares btrs to the etr 3-18. I've got one of the higher mag ones that is awesome. Are the newer 3-18 etr the same glass as other etr's? What's been upgraded on the gen 2 Cronus?
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    NON-TYPICAL rifle build in mind; need some help...

    Exactly. The logic of going shorter for barrel life doesn't work. Plenty of reasons to go short, but barrel life isn't one of them.
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    6MM ARC Build

    Just got an email from faxon saying they have 6 arc now too.
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    Waterfowl focused pack?

    Generally right around a dozen decoys. Right now I cinch the whole 12 slot bag sideways between the bag and frame of my Kuiu pack. Ive got the goofy mesh bags with shoulder straps and that kind of thing. I'm hoping I can find something with a good waist strap, suspension, and frame.
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    6MM ARC Build

    Your best bet for a barrel is probably one of the custom or semi-custom places. Craddock had some at one point I think, but they're just one option off the top of my head. I shoot a 6mm predator, one of the wildcat older brothers to the arc, with 90gr game changers and 58 vmax. I like to...
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    Help narrowing down choice for first backcountry pack.

    It's all about fit, and what you think fits great at first will get tons of adjustment. If you can find somewhere that stocks them, that's best, but tough to find. The other option is buying used, trying them out, and reselling if you don't like it. Rokslide usually has tons of them for sale in...
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    North Dakota Pheasant Hunting??

    Just tagging in to follow along. A pheasant/waterfowl combo trip is on my bucket list. How are the potholes during the week? I figure the weekends get pretty hammered.
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    Upland Gloves for cold weather

    How cold? I like the Kuiu lighter weight ones, don't remember the model name. Mechanix are good too. I use both those down to about 20 no problem. There are also insulated leather gloves that, once broken in, work great when it's reallllly cold.
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    Looking at O/U’s

    My dad tried the savage 555. Terrible. Got 2 at the ffl that were messed up one way or another and gave up. He got a franchi instead and its been great.
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    If it.s windy check your decoys

    Oldest trick in the book. Nothing flying? Get up to pee. That didn't work? Start packing up. They'll come out of the woodwork then.
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    Lots of Grouse up here

    Those are great tips. id like to get more into actual grouse hunting. Most of mine are just by accident while other hunting. The kids are getting old enough now to start some of the warmer weather/easier stuff.
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    Banded waders?

    I've got the lacrosse breathable ones and they're decent. I hate neoprene. The Lacrosses sprung a very small leak along the boot seam, but its probably more because they sit folded up so long all summer than anything else.